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circa October 2011
RELATIONSHIPS “If You Can’t See Your Success, Change Your Vantage Pointe.” -Swagger Coxch Start Reading

Billionaire Secret [You Didn't Realize] Relationships There has to be a billionaire secret that is known by them but kept from us. When you google the top ten richest men in the world you can’t help but wonder how they amassed such a fortune. You come Continue Reading Could it Be? [The Woman's Role in Creation] Relationships When you read Genesis in the Bible God is talking to someone. Who? Himself or someone else? Could it Be? Adam and Eve committed the first sin. Could it Be? The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit equal the Holy Trinity. Continue Reading love, relationship, sex, swagger coxch BEFORE YOU COMMIT RELATIONSHIP SUICIDE - READ THIS Relationships You may not even understand transmutation let alone the transmutation of sex. There you are sitting on the couch contemplating relationship suicide or to watch porn. You have involuntarily abstained from sexual intimacy with your wife. You're on your favorite couch. Legs Continue Reading Ghost, Love, Relationship, Ghosting Ghost got Ghosted and Millions Didn't Realize it Happened Relationships Spoiler Alert: Ghosting has more to do with the entrance rather than the exit!  We have all watched several seasons of POWER. In this Starz drama about a drug dealer trying to go legit. Ghost is the street name of Jamie St. Continue Reading Best Friends, Love, Relationships If You Think Your Best Friends are Genuine [Think Again] Relationships You meet a guy and you think the world of him. He's around when you're up and when you're down. He's your shoulder to cry on. His house is your safe haven. His arms protect you. He listens attentively to Continue Reading Lion, Lion King, Love, Relationship Understanding Lions Can Change Your Relationship Status Relationships I bet you didn't know Lions did this. What? Tell us already. I went to see the 1994 movie titled The Lion King about six times in the theatre. Yes, I paid to see it that many times. Yes, I cried all six times Continue Reading Cinderella, Shoes, Love, Relationship Cinderella Found This out but Most of Y'all Never Will Relationships What did Cinderella found out that most of y'all never will? We live in a world of uber careful introverts, with little to no social skill frightened by the very thought of being spoken to and at the same time seduced Continue Reading Fight, Boxing, Love, Relationships IF YOU CAN'T BEAT EM', JOIN EM' Relationships If you can't beat em', join em' is such a simple cliche that says a lot. Men think in terms of fighting or competition. Alpha males always want to prove who's Alpha, so we fight each other. It's fun. Ever wondered why men fight Continue Reading Beauty, Make-Up, Love, Relationships Beauty Belongs to the Beholder or Mirror Relationships Beauty, is it in the eyes of the beholder or the mirror? You wake up and the first thing you do is go into the bathroom and reach for the toothbrush. You know I mean after you spend thirty minutes Instagrammin or Continue Reading Catfish, Love, Relationship YOU HAVE LOVE BACKWARD - FISHCAT | CATFISH Relationships You have love backward (fishcat | catfish). While watching Catfish the MTV series I realized one thing. The world is too superficial. I'm watching this show in which people claim they have fallen in love online, with people they have never met, or even seen Continue Reading Fiscal, Business, Love, Relationships Are You Fiscally Responsible With Love Relationships Are you fiscally responsible with love? It does not matter what business you enter they all should start similarly. "The only way to learn to swim is to get into the water". When you jump into the game you have to keep in Continue Reading Bryson Tiller, Love, Relationships, Negotiations Four Rules of Negotations [with Love] Relationships Negotiating love is easy once you first understand how to negotiate. In any negotiation, you have two or more parties that are willing to sacrifice something in order to gain something. In most cases, one party has something that they do not Continue Reading WillPower, Love Relationships THE SECRET TO WILLPOWER Relationships The secret of Willpower is that Willpower is working against yourself or at least your conscious self. Here is the concept that may change your life. Do you want to find that soul mate? You want to manifest all your dreams and desires? Exercising Continue Reading Jay-Z, Song Cry, Love, Relationships I Can't See it Coming Down My Eyes - I GOT TO MAKE THE SONG CRY Relationships I can't see it coming down my eyes, so I got to make the song cry. That's the hook from Jay-Z's 2001 Song Cry off of the Blueprint Album. Today while listening to Babyface on the radio and analyzing a current situation, Continue Reading Bad Bitch, Love, Relationship BAD BITCH IS A SORORITY OF NON-WIVES Relationships Bad Bitch has since been added as a class of women a Sorority so-to-speak. If they were married they would be called or calling themselves bad bitch they would be calling themselves Wives. This is interesting because men are considered bad boys Continue Reading Cheating, Love, Relationships, Confidence Can't Take Her To Meet Mom But You Let Her Ruin Your Life [Why] Relationships You can't take her home to meet your mom, but you can let her ruin your life, why? To listen to what I have to say instead of reading, check it out here. Why? You live this super freakish lifestyle, why? Because that's Continue Reading Love, Relationship, Subconscious, Paranoia, Swagger Coxch DO YOU SUFFER FROM SUBCONSCIOUS PARANOIA Relationships Whether you realized it or not you have seen Subconscious Paranoia. Have you ever been walking down the street there are only three people within a distance you, him, and her? As you approach you look at him and then you look Continue Reading Fight, Love, Relationship, Arguments Hitting The Reset Button | Why We Fight Relationships Sometimes you have to hit the reset button. I'm going to discuss why we fight and how to end it but first, let's do a quick recap. By now you have bought into the idea that women have buckets and men have Continue Reading cheating, love, relationships DO YOU CHEAT UP OR CHEAT DOWN Relationships Can you tell if a person has cheated up or down? We can't tell because we can't see from their vantage point. Let me take a stab at understanding the logic. The idea of cheating is the distance from where you start, Continue Reading addicted, love, relationships Are You Addicted To Being Single Relationships What is love? What is an addiction? Love is never getting enough of what you do want, some say. Addiction is never getting enough of what you don't want, some say that too. I would like to offer another answer to this question that Continue Reading Size, Love, Relationship Size is it a Matter of Importance Relationships Not Really. It's not the size of the gift, it's the feeling that it generates. If you get this feeling of oneness and enjoyment from the gift it can be as small as a thimble or as large as a Mansion. In the Continue Reading cheating, love, relationship The [Real] Way You Got Caught Cheating Relationships Men get caught cheating the same way women do. The root cause of cheating is energy! In order for the relationship to work, the energy must be balanced. What that means is that your nozzle can handle the exact amount of energy she Continue Reading Porn, Love, Relationships To Watch or not to Watch [Porn] Relationships To watch or not to watch porn, that is the question. Could porn be the reason for guys aren't able to talk to women? Let's go back in the day. When you were young naked bodies didn't come easily. You had to watch National Continue Reading Options, Gift, Curse, Love, Relationships OPTIONS | THE GIFT OR THE CURSE Relationships Options are they the gift or the curse? Since my last post, I have been doing some thinking. Within these thoughts, I derived an idea about options. Currently, the only cost for them is the time you spend reading and trying to understand Continue Reading selfish, love, relationship HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF - ART OF SELFISHNESS Relationships Google gives the definition of selfishness as (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure. There is nothing wrong with being selfish. I don't know how many times I have to Continue Reading Convenience, Fee, Love, Relationships IMPORTANCE OF YOUR CONVENIENCE FEE Relationships The Convenience Fee is real, and it’s being charged all the time. The problem with the Convenience Fee is figuring out how much to charge for it. Once we figure out how much to charge for it we must stand firm Continue Reading Dreams, Bar, Love, Relationships THE ART OF SELLING DREAMS Relationships The art of selling dreams is not a new concept, I'm just explaining it. How do I get such a strong hold on the emotional trigger? This is where a lot of women have problems, you listen too much. When we meet you Continue Reading McLuvin, Superbad, Love, Relationships YOU CAN'T PLAYA HATE MCLUVIN Relationships You can't playa hate McLuvin is from the movie Superbad. Fogell gets a fake Id with that name. What's interesting is that he's cool but don't know it yet but he can't wait for the opportunity to prove it to Continue Reading love, cadillac, relationship DON'T LET YOUR CONFIDENCE CHOOSE YOUR MATE Relationships Stop letting your confidence choose your mate. That should be rephrased to say don't let your current confidence choose your mate. You need to go into the future and if you were the guy you dream you can be, who would you Continue Reading IS THERE CHIVALRY AMONGST THE CHAUVINISTIC Relationships Let me put on my chauvinistic hat for a moment. Back in the not so distant past women didn’t work they stayed home tending to the kids, home, and husband when he gets there. When men went to work in Continue Reading