Rediscover Harmony: The Art of Re-Leasing and Re-Creating Love

A couple renewing their vows under a romantic archway.

Unraveling the Re-Lease Love Concept

Every relationship is a contract—a lease of love and commitment between two parties. However, like any contract, if one party isn't fulfilling their part or there's a miscommunication, it's time to rewrite the terms and "Re-Lease Love".

The Currency of Beliefs

Sounds like we're spinning a love fairytale? Let's discuss money to illustrate this concept of Re-Lease Love.

The world often believes that wealth only accompanies the corrupt or the exceptionally lucky—a lease signed between society and an erroneous belief. This contract essentially states: if I'm not wealthy, I'm not crooked or overly fortunate. It's time to revoke that lease!

Why? Because it's baseless—you're neither crooked nor excessively lucky just because you desire to be financially stable. It's time to re-negotiate the terms with your beliefs and sign a new lease—one that empowers and uplifts you.

The Dinner Date Dilemma

Imagine a couple who decide not to dine out often. Yet, at every opportunity, one of them suggests hitting their favorite restaurant. This inconsistency hints at a breached agreement—an opportunity to Re-Lease Love. Perhaps one of them assumed 'not often' meant 'not every weekend', while the other took it as 'never'. To restore harmony, they need to re-clarify and re-agree on the terms of their pact.

The Fight and Release Paradox

In a previous post, we highlighted that men release sexual energy through fights, while women receive it. Arguments serve a purpose—they're pressure valves for men and fillers for women's emotional reservoir. They're opportunities to Re-Lease Love and reach an emotional equilibrium. However, an argument without making up afterwards, in whatever form resonates with the couple, is akin to using a public restroom—you get temporary relief but not complete satisfaction.

Re-Leasing Love - 100% Accountability

The golden key to effectively Re-Lease Love? Absolute accountability. Understand your actions, the reasons behind your words, the triggers for your fights. When you take 100% responsibility, you can predict and possibly prevent recurring arguments. You unclasp your emotional nozzle, allowing love to flow freely. She removes the brick from her emotional bucket, becoming receptive to your love.

Key Points

  1. Understand and apply the concept of Re-Lease Love.
  2. Re-negotiate your agreements when required.
  3. Use disagreements as opportunities to release and receive love.
  4. Adopt 100% accountability to maintain a healthy emotional balance.