Cheating Up or Down: Unraveling the Dynamics of Attraction

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Unveiling the Mysteries: Can We Determine Cheating Up or Down?

When it comes to assessing whether someone has cheated up or down, it's not an easy task. We cannot truly comprehend their vantage point. However, let's delve into the logic behind this concept and attempt to gain a deeper understanding.

The Starting Point: Choosing a Mate

In relationships, we often choose a partner based on the belief that we are getting their maximum potential. This means they possess about eighty percent of the qualities we desire in a mate. This baseline becomes the standard for our expectations.

Women: Expanding the Baseline

For women, finding a mate sets a new baseline. Let's say your first partner had a car. The next partner you choose must meet or exceed that baseline by having a car and something additional, such as a job. The perception here is that women cheat up, constantly seeking to expand their baseline and attract partners who offer more.

Men: Filling the Bucket

For men, the goal is to expand their "bucket" of energy by attracting more partners. This can create the perception that men cheat up. However, there's a twist. When men find a partner who aligns with their maximum potential, they commit, believing they have found everything they desire in one place. From this perspective, men cheat down when they step away from this committed relationship, seeking a partner who presents fewer challenges or headaches.

The Role of Game

Both men and women navigate this complex landscape by employing what we call "game." It involves presenting ourselves as the maximum version of what our potential mate desires, even if we haven't fully reached that potential. By attracting partners based on our minimum, we have room to grow and impress them with our hidden qualities. This way, they appreciate us more as they discover our full potential.

Appreciating in Value

Attracting a mate based on our minimum allows us to appreciate in value. As they initially perceive us as smart, attractive, and well-rounded, they are yet to witness our full potential. When they eventually discover our additional qualities, such as financial stability or domestic skills, their admiration and appreciation grow.

Understanding the Dynamics

Men tend to pick partners based on their maximum confidence level. However, when faced with relationship challenges or overwhelming situations, they may seek partners at a lower level to reduce headaches—cheating down. On the other hand, women establish a baseline and expand their energy bucket, seeking partners who offer more to meet their evolving needs—cheating up. Employing game allows both men and women to present their minimum potential, paving the way for growth and mutual discovery.

Key Points:

  1. Cheating up or down refers to the perception of seeking partners who are either above or below one's initial baseline in a relationship.
  2. Women often cheat up by expanding their baseline, seeking partners who offer more than their previous relationships.
  3. Men cheat down when they step away from committed relationships to find partners who present fewer challenges or headaches.
  4. Both men and women employ "game" to attract partners based on their minimum potential, allowing room for growth and impressing them with hidden qualities.
  5. Attracting a mate based on one's minimum allows for appreciation in value as additional qualities are revealed over time.
  6. Understanding the dynamics of cheating up or down can provide insights into mate selection and relationship dynamics.