Building a Relationship: Lessons from a Dream Home Construction

A builder constructing a house, symbolizing the building of a relationship.

Understanding Love: Individualistic and Ineffable

Love is a profoundly personal experience. "I can't love you how you would love you. I can only love you how I love you." Just like the thumbprint, each love is distinct and can't be replicated. Love, just like friendship, thrives when individuals find a common ground yet maintain their distinctiveness. But it's important to remember that things won't get done when you want them done; they will get done when they get done. Let's draw a parallel between the nuances of building a relationship and the construction of a home...

Choosing Your Builder: The Inception of a Relationship

Women, you have the privilege of choosing your builder - the one who will materialize your dream home, your future life. The choices are ample, but after careful consideration, you pick one. As the conversation sparks, you share your vision of the perfect home - how it looks, feels, and the vibe it resonates. Remember, you're not just planning a house but crafting a blueprint for your future life.

Surveying the land is crucial - Is it the right community? Are the neighbors amicable? All these considerations play a significant role in determining if this is where you want to lay the foundation of your future. Jim Rohn aptly said, "You can't build a house unless you already see it finished first." It's a perfect parallel for relationships - envisage the end, and then start working towards it.

Constructing Your Dream Home: Nurturing a Relationship

Now, the labor of love begins. As your chosen builder, I strive to transform your visualized dream into reality. But keep in mind - every construction is unique, much like every relationship. Although societal norms might dictate a timeline, love doesn't abide by it. Forcing stages before their due time can lead to an unstable structure. The same applies to relationships.

Allow the builder - your partner - to work at their pace, without pressuring them based on external influences. Your dream home, like your relationship, needs to be built meticulously, ensuring a strong, lasting foundation. Remember, dreams do materialize, but one can't pin an exact date and time to them. Just keep dreaming, and slowly, but surely, it will unfold into your reality.

The Fine Line Between Friendship and Relationship: A Matter of Actions

A friendship where two people relate is, in essence, a relationship. You can label it a friendship all day long, but if time and effort are invested in understanding and relating to each other, it is a relationship. Actions, indeed, speak louder than words.

As always, remember to be unapologetically selfish, radiating your happiness. It can inspire others to pursue their happiness too.

After all, "If you can't see your success, change your vantage point."

Key Points

  1. Love and relationships are highly personal experiences, much like building a house.
  2. Applying unnecessary pressure based on societal norms or expectations can disrupt the natural progression of a relationship.
  3. Friendship where two individuals relate is a relationship in its essence.