Looks like a duck, talks like a duck, walks like a duck, so it must be a duck.

This simple correlation is why women have so many problems during the selection process. Why do you fall for the same things over and over again? I'll tell you why your heuristic mapping is wrong. Maybe you never heard of heuristics. A quick definition of heuristics is making something that's overly complicated into something overly simple. Let's take our first line and break it down. Yes, I will break it down for men too, so both sexes can gain some insight.

Women will say it looks like a duck, so it must be a duck. You will come to this conclusion rather quickly. This works in test-taking too. More often than not the first answer you thought of is the right answer, because heuristics it's the one you're going to choose. That gives the impression that you're super smart, which in a lot of cases is true. That's great! Heuristics work in most cases however it can be off a bit, based on how your mind is mapped. So if you see a guy and he's dressed clean, that may lead you to believe he's disease-free. If you see a guy and he's in a suit you may determine that he's important somewhere. But the most important thought that you have that will constantly get you into trouble is the thought that men think with the wrong head... That is an oversimplification of an overly complicated process.

Here's how we think

It looks like a duck, talks like a duck, walks like a duck, so it must be a duck. This is called inductive reasoning. This inductive reasoning is an experienced-based approach to problem-solving. We had to have seen a duck. We had to have heard a duck talk. We had to have witnessed a duck walking. These experiences we draw on to come to the conclusion that it's a duck. Everything here lately has been about our primal ancestors. How we eat, how we work out, and now our approach to dating. We have been taught strategy since we were boys playing outside. If we married the first girl we fell in love with then women would not have this problem. But since that is rarely the case they have to deal with the consequences of our battle strategies. Women, generally speaking, care about the survival of the offspring we men care about the survival of ourselves. This means, to us, we have to survive in order for the tribe to survive. Inevitably we get hurt by our first love. We need to develop a way to avoid this injury again. With each time we "conquer" a woman we become more developed in our skill. Some of us become so developed in our skills that it plays mental abuse to us. We are not sure if you did the things you did last night because you liked us or because of our battle strategy. This is the reason why time is needed on both parts.

Time allows both of us to feel safe and not mix the energies. Love energy has to be released and accepted before sexual energy or this will automatically cancel out the relationship. The reason it appears that we think with the "wrong head" is that sexual energy is the energy we need for battle. Since our bodies are preparing to do battle, you get that first. Until we develop our confidence the same feeling we get when we are about to get into a fight is the same feeling you get when we approach. Our bodies can't tell whether we are in front of a Sabertooth Tiger or a woman. Once we realize that we are not in an actual battle and we feel safe that you are no longer trying to hurt us, then we will release love energy. This is released and accepted by face-time, whether on the phone or in-person doesn't matter, we just need to be interacting with each other.

Women you can avoid the pitfall of relationship heuristics and we can avoid the pitfalls of our relationship inductive reasoning through time. We need to invest time in each other in order for our investments to appreciate. Land or foundation is the only thing that never depreciates. We all just need to make sure we invest in the right plot.

This is an epic post because there are concepts in this post that I know you never heard before, I believe they will change your outlook going forward.

If you need help with relationships, I will help, leave a comment, keep reading, and stay tuned.

As always remember to be fuching selfish and through witnessing your happiness others can view themselves the same.