Master Your Goals: The Hidden Dangers of Justifying!

Dawn of the Excuses

Ever wake up, feeling like a truck ran over you, and thought, "Oh boy, the gym can wait! I need some beauty sleep!"? We've all been there. Classic excuse territory. But hey, as that cheeky proverb goes, "Excuses are tools of incompetence".

Enter Justifying: Excuses' Sinister Cousin

Justifying isn’t merely making up an internal alibi; it’s pinning the blame on an external entity. Missed gym? Blame it on the irresistible comfort of your cozy bed. The sneaky game of justifying is probably why your goals feel like that last piece of cake—always just out of reach!

A Slice of Justification: Auntie’s Mac n' Cheese

Picture this: You're tantalizingly close to losing those last five pounds. But then, the aroma of your Auntie’s famous Mac n' Cheese wafts through the air. You think, “Just one plate, I’ll burn it off in the gym tomorrow.” Except, tomorrow you bring home a plate full and decide you’ll make up for it the day after. You see where I’m going with this?

The Blame Game: Justifying Takes the Crown

Before you know it, you’re on a guilt-fueled, carb-loaded rollercoaster, pointing fingers at everyone but yourself. Blame Auntie’s Mac for being too tasty. Blame the gym for its too forgiving 'Open 24/7' sign. You then stand on the scale, hoping for mercy, only to find an extra eight pounds! Ouch!

The Art of Justifying: Strategizing Excuses

Justifying morphs into an elaborate scheme to dodge accountability. For instance, ever found yourself in the arms of someone who isn't your significant other? You might try to blame it on the irresistible charms of that co-worker or perhaps the smooth allure of tequila shots.

The Invisible Enemy: Dislike Unjustified

What about the person you’ve never met but don’t like? You’d probably justify your disdain by criticizing their dress sense or demeanor. Justifying is a peculiar beast. It's about pleasing others, but it also nudges you to twist situations in your favor.

Saying No: Your New Best Friend

Remember, though, you're allowed to say NO! No justification, no excuse needed. Most folks will let it slide. But let’s not fall into the trap of the proverbial incompetence tools, shall we?

Swagger Coach Wisdom

“I appreciate everyone, everything, and every event, whether seen or unseen, that led to me being me at every stage of me." - Swagger Coxch

Key Takeaways:

  1. Justifying is worse than making excuses—it places blame externally.
  2. Justifying often derails us from achieving our goals.
  3. We all justify actions or feelings in one way or another.
  4. Remember, it's okay to say no without giving an excuse or justification.