What is love?

What is addiction?

Love is never getting enough of what you do want, some say.

Addiction is never getting enough of what you don't want, some say that too.

I would like to offer another answer to this question that even science can't answer. I would like to start with another movie quote from Interstellar, which gave causeway for so many thoughts.

Love isn't something we invented. It's observable, powerful, it has to mean something... Love is the one thing we're capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space.

Again what is love?

As evidenced by the italics in the quote the pieces that I thought needed further consideration and lead to my thoughts on the subject matter.

I explain love as premium energy.

Let's take that a step further.

In my posts on energy, I explained that men have nozzles and women have buckets.

This concept I reintroduce by saying men operate off a feeling and women operate via emotions or groups of feelings.

Love, I also stated was the greatest invention. This is because it can't be explained, touched, or even seen. All that may be true but love you can experience.

You don't understand, I'll explain it in lamens terms

Love, I will now explain in a different context.

Love is a feeling so positive that it can't come from within. Because we generate these supercharged feelings and emotions and can't explain them we attach them to things outside of ourselves.

We have become so detached from ourselves that we believe this great feeling is external.

Think of it this way; if you woke up early in the morning to see the sunrise and it gave you this supercharged feeling, you would attach that feeling to the sun, not yourself.

In turn, you would wake up every morning to get that feeling.

See where I AM going with this.

Are you talking about energy again

In other words, action or presence of someone generated this supercharged feeling you would attach love to this person.

Since you crave this feeling you conclude that you must love that person.

If this person is consistently around when you vibrate at that frequency you determine you are in the momentum of love or in love.

If you generate a feeling that you dislike it must mean you hate that person.

But in actuality, you attached your dis-ease to that person. Addiction works the same way.

You never get over the drug because you have attached the good vibration to the drug instead of addressing the feelings or emotions within you.

Go deeper please we get our energy now

Everything has a two-party system, good and evil, god and the Devil, Democrat, and Republican, masculine and feminine, they aren't different, they are the same viewed from a different vantage point.

Love is hate, positive is negative, and repel can propel, there is no exception to the rule, it's how the system works.

The key takeaway is this: the feelings or emotions that we crave are within US not out there.

We can't explain love, and we can't communicate love because love is internal.

The idea that its external is propaganda

Addiction makes you look to someone or something else as your source of happiness or sadness.

It lets you off the hook.

It releases the tension in your mind because you get to play the blame game, instead of addressing yourself.

These supercharged feelings or emotions let you know when you are on the path of ease.

I AM starting to think everything is about self-discovery.

"Our cells" sound an awful lot like "ourselves"...

When we begin to think about what we think about we start to figure these things out.

When we tip the scales in the favor of love within ourselves we will find more things that generate supercharged feelings and emotions.

Feelings and emotions are our internal GPS.

The moment we attach our beacons to someone else we can easily be led down the wrong path...

Be selfish and fix your damn GPS and I AM willing to bet you will come to a dead stop when it hits you.

I make me ...

If we're going to play the game fair then everything that is in your presence when you experience these super-charged feelings and emotions should get attached to it, which ultimately means you love everything!

Where did we come from?

Did we love ourselves so much that we wanted to keep reproducing the feeling that we already generated, as though we could never get enough of it?

Did we come from another galaxy or alternate possibility?

Who created ourselves in this galaxy because we love ourselves that much?

In these movies I have been watching lately time is the binding agent to the Universe.

If we break uni meaning one and verse being sound, then we all vibrate to the same sound.

I AM willing to bet that sound is love and this has been the case throughout time...