Sometimes you have to hit the reset button.

I'm going to discuss why we fight and how to end it but first, let's do a quick recap.

By now you have bought into the idea that women have buckets and men have nozzles.

You have also come to realize that energy comes in three forms. Regular which is negative energy is our main energy source. Regular energy burns slowly.

The next level up is Premium. Premium energy is love energy, it burns faster than regular energy but much slower than Super High Octane.

Super High Octane burns super fast, and it does not work alone. This max level of energy needs either Regular or Premium energy to work.

Super High Octane gives a boost to how you are already energized.

If you are feeling negative then Super High Octane will create a more intense negative feeling.

Conversely, if you are fueled by love energy this love is intensified by Super High Octane. Super High Octane is sexual energy. I gave you a quick background to establish the foundation of this post for new followers.

Listen to my podcast episode on the subject.

Men and women fight for completely different reasons.

When women's energy gets too low women need to quickly get that energy up, therefore women create arguments.

Think of all the frivolous arguments that quickly exploded into something it wasn't. When women have premium energy in their bucket and receive negative news it burns the positive energy.

There can also be a reverse effect when women are feeling bad and receive good energy it will burn off the negative energy and begin to fill your bucket with premium or love energy.

When a woman's bucket is full of love

You're having a bad day at work and your boss tells you that you have to go out-of-town for work to Hawaii. Sweet huh?

The mere thought of it makes you smile.

When a woman's energy is at its highest she is less likely to be combative. She's feeling too good to fight and she has too much positive energy to even think of ways to get angry.

When a man's nozzle is full

When a man has too much energy he needs to release it, so he argues, fights or has sex.

Think about guys fighting in the club or "looking for trouble".

When men energy is at its highest it becomes damn near uncontrollable.

A prime example of this is a little boy who is acting unruly. He doesn't know how to control his energy so he throws temper tantrums. Little boys are prime examples of what happens when you can't control your energy. They run around in circles, talk for hours, and get uncontrollably upset. This can happen within seconds of each other and then end in smiles as if it didn't happen at all.

When men energy gets too low he feels too somber or maybe too relaxed to argue.

We're arguing how do you end it, fast?

The fastest way to mitigate these arguments is having sex.

When we have sex, men, release super high-octane energy and, women receive super high-octane energy which can be translated into love energy.

It's not actually loving energy, it's sexual energy, but when your bucket has low energy because this raises the amount of energy in your bucket you think it's love.

Therefore our energy becomes in balance.

You both become less angry quickly.

After sex men become too relaxed to argue.

After sex women become too energized to argue.

We need each other to be balanced in all things. The reset button gets pushed when you go from either extreme, having too much or too little energy.

You need a visual... here it is.

You came into the house and took your shoes off at the door.

You started to wash dishes.

Of course, you created a puddle on the floor.

You stepped in the puddle and it made your socks soaking wet.

You instantly took your socks off and left them there because you didn't want to track water through the house, plus you wanted to finish what you started.

The entire time you're doing the dishes you're angry because you didn't make the dishes.

Really it's because of a lack of sex that is creating the influx of energy.

She walks in after having a bad day because that woman with the colorful tights was on her favorite elliptical and she had to use another one.

The first thing she sees is the socks.

She begins spewing out her frustrations saying things like she's not your mother or your slave.

Boom explosion!

Now you both are arguing about things that don't matter but this ends in a momentary separation from each other.

How do you get to the sexual energy?

Women play in the game with men all day. Because of this some women momentarily feel like they are a man. This is understandable because she has to dominate men in order for her to maintain respect at her office.

As a woman you are powerful and in most cases don't have to display it.

At this point, it can go two ways.

She's spewing negative energy when your intentions were to give her premium. You will either argue back with her until you roar really loud which starts the cycle.

She an Alpha female

Since she's an Alpha female if you shut her down with your roar today, guess what?

Your roar becomes her baseline.

So the next time the argument is going to be more explosive.

On top of that, you could make her apprehensive at work, which isn't good for her career.

Either way the cycle of negative energy is in motion and this could continue until Ya'll are separated, meaning single.

What's the other approach I'm trying to get to the sexual energy

Recognize that ninety percent of Y'all arguing is the result of something that happened outside of the house.

Don't take it personally she needs love.

Don't return fire. Make her happy.

After-all you're washing dishes and cooking, get a reward from it.

Shoot her some love energy by not trying to fix the situation but let her get it out so you can go back to filling her bucket up with love energy.

You were maxed out so her getting you upset lowered the sexual energy just a bit.

She gets to release that negative energy and you're filling her bucket up with love.

Do you know what happens next?

You release sexual energy and she receives it.

Bliss ahhhh yeah


Men fight because we have too much sexual energy. Women fight because they need love. Sex allows both to be in the middle. Sex gives her the momentary feeling of love and releases the sexual tension for men. Keep in mind that 90% of the argument comes from something that happened outside the home, don't let it ruin your home.