For God to know his worth or value there must be MAN. In order for man to know his worth or value, there must WOMAN. For a woman to know her worth or value there must be a CHILD. First GOD then WOMAN. As a MAN we are the connecting factor that leads to how each of them knows their worth or value.

GOD knows that he is GOD because he created man. The man then gives his rib and plays his part in the reproductive process. Without man, either of these could not be possible. If you remove man GOD will still be GOD although he wouldn’t know his true power. Women and Children would not exist. It’s this Value System, which in recent days has become misconstrued.

Adam or man is created by God. This is how God knows that he is God. Then by removing a rib of Adam, he creates Eve or woman. They are besties, bff’s, or more plainly put best friends. So they were able to love each other in such a manner that is truly divine. They have no concept of each other. Meaning that Eve is unaware that Adam is a man. By this same token, Adam is unaware that Eve is a woman. God determined to keep order gave Adam one rule to follow. However, in order for God to give all things value, he has to give Eve a means to figure out her worth or value. She can’t plant the seeds; plow the field or perform any such act, nor should she have to. Adam knows this and treats her with nothing less than love. God has to give Eve children in order for her to have value. In order for this to take place, God has to remain reticent, and thus give you an option to learn that you are a part of him; with the choice to recognize that or not.

Note: Since God is no substance and all substance I’m only using HIM because throughout time our teachings have pointed to God as HIM or a MAN.

HE has to give her the means to figure this out for herself. So Eve was given an option to eat or not to eat from the tree. They eventually eat from the tree together. They did not know of children, how could they, but to deny her children would be to deny her value. Eve would never have known she was a WOMAN or a wounded man. The tree had to be there and they had to eat together in order for them to have knowledge of who they were.

Move that several hundred years forward to confirm you're perfect.

The definition of perfect is being the best it can possibly be. What that means is that if there is an exact duplicate then that one is perfect. In this episode, I explain by talking about a pencil.

Always keep in mind that there is only one you. Since there is only one you that means you're perfect. It's only when you compare yourself to others that you can make up reasons why you're not perfect. I think it can take up to five people for you to think you're not perfect. You want someone else's butt, lips, arms, face, and hair. Think of it this way it takes at least five people to measure up to you.


Now that you know who you are and why you're here I hope you finally realize you're perfect!