The Shocking Truth Behind Old Idioms

A confused man scratching his head

The Unsettling Revelation

It hit me like a bolt from the blue on a regular day in the office. Have I been quietly schooled to seize opportunities, to extract gain from every kind act? I'd possibly be flush with cash had I embraced this ideology. But wait, was this notion implanted in my mind through a seemingly harmless idiom?

A Tale of Three Perspectives

Intrigued, I embarked on a mini social experiment. I solicited interpretations of this idiom from three distinct individuals, each hailing from a different walk of life.

Surprise, surprise – they all echoed the same interpretation.

Their immediate reaction was to criticize the proverbial 'cow' for foolishly giving away its milk for free. As if they were implying, "Don't play the fool in love."

My jaw hit the floor.

But then, their insights sank in, and it felt like a revelation. Their views struck a chord with my distaste for the stereotypical portrayal of relationships. It brought to mind the deeply resonant scene in "Boys N' Da Hood" when Doughboy laments, "either they don't know, don't show, or don't care about what be going on in the hood."

"Why Buy the Cow?" Unveiled

So, what's this potentially destructive idiom? "Why buy the cow if the milk is free?"

Hold your breath! This isn't an admonishment for those who embrace their sexuality. It doesn't imply that men will shirk commitment if a woman freely expresses her desires. The essence lies in "buy" and "free" – sketching the blueprint of a fair exchange.

Unmasking The Currency of Love

Let me tickle your curiosity with a few teasing questions.

If you buy her a drink, are you purchasing the milk or the cow? If you splurge on a dinner and a movie, does it mean you're buying both the milk and the cow?

The answer? I'm as clueless as you are.

One thing we can concur on is that in this world of reciprocity, forking out something should warrant a return.

A Deeper Look into "Buy and Free"

This misunderstood idiom has been the wrecking ball for countless potential love stories. Marriage, essentially a lucrative deal, can get dizzyingly confusing without proper guidance.

The unintended message we pass onto our children when we spew this idiom could be dangerously misconstrued. We teach our daughters that if a man pays, he should receive something in return, without specifying what that something should be.

Unearthing The Value of Intangible Cash

Money exists in two forms: mental and physical. Mental cash is intangible, like time, while physical cash is tangible.

The idiom fails to highlight this dichotomy, leading it to be often taken literally. "Buy" and "free" become our guiding principles as these concepts chime with our day-to-day transactions. We pay for what holds value, and what we don't value is often free.

Let's drive this home with an anecdote. Imagine you're fifteen, itching to buy your first car. You have a clear picture of your dream car and when you find it at a dealership, it costs $25,000. The owner gives you two options: take out a loan to buy it immediately or work every weekend for a year at the dealership, washing cars, and it's yours.

If you opt for the loan, you get the car right away, paying the physical cash equivalent of $25,000.

But if you opt to work weekends, washing cars, does this mean the car was free?

This is the perspective shift we need when interpreting relationships and idioms. Physical cash may accelerate the path to the end goal – a lucrative deal, or a marriage. Without the right explanation, the idiom can lead to physical expectations in return for physical payments, often leading to sex. It becomes transactional, akin to buying a pair of sneakers. And what happens when those sneakers get old or worn out?

Key Points:

  1. We need to reevaluate the traditional interpretation of the idiom.
  2. Both physical and mental cash hold value in relationships.
  3. The worth of intangible efforts should not be overlooked.

Honey Buns, Soul Mates, and True Willpower: How to Achieve Your Wildest Dreams

Introduction: True Willpower and You

Here's a little secret. True willpower is the magic potion you've been searching for to make your dreams come true. Are you ready for the revelation?

The Honey Bun Story: Unraveling the Universe's Play

Imagine yourself in a Walmart queue, eyeing a tantalizingly glazed Honey Bun. Your New Year's resolution is in full swing, so you persistently tell yourself, "I can't have that Honey Bun."

But guess what? The universe, in all its playful wisdom, focuses on the action - "have that Honey Bun." A little subconscious trick you weren't expecting, right? While you're paying attention and consciously telling yourself no, then the answer is no. When you answer that phone call while in line and you're not consciously paying attention, in your cart goes the honey bun.

Unveiling the Secret: Willpower Redefined

Let's hit rewind and dive into the true meaning of willpower. Often misinterpreted, willpower is more than just the force we exert to resist our wants and desires.

Picture willpower as our very own Alfred (yes, the trusted aide of Batman). Alfred executes Batman's wishes, just like your will serves as your special request to the universe, something you want fulfilled while you're 'incapacitated.'

Understanding 'Incapacitation': A Shift in Perspective

No, we're not talking about being brain-dead or physically incapacitated. Think of this state as being so engrossed in the journey towards a goal that you're powerless to stop the execution of your will. It's the stage when you've mentally let go of the goal but are consciously working towards it.

The Journey is the Destination: Focus on the Process

The secret sauce? Focusing on the journey - the habits and actions - rather than obsessing over the goal. This allows your will to be executed seamlessly.

Take Lebron James, for example. He nails those free throws not by aiming for perfection, but by honing his form and practicing consistency. There's your key - focus on the journey, not the end goal.

The Power of Writing: Your Will in Motion

When you jot down your goals, it's akin to setting a will in motion - a will that our friend, the D. Universe, is legally obliged to fulfill.

The Magic Trick: Letting Your Willpower Work For You

So, what's the trick to unlocking this magic? Concentrate on the habits that guide you to your goal, not the goal itself. Once a habit takes root, it becomes second nature, making your will's execution almost magical.

Love, Honey Buns, and Habits: The Manifestation Formula

Searching for your soul mate? Stop fixating on finding them. Instead, immerse yourself in habits and visit places where you imagine being with your soul mate. Much like the Honey Bun, they might just appear when you least expect!

Key Points:

  1. Understanding True Willpower: Grasp the real concept of willpower.
  2. Setting Intentions: Learn how to set your intentions to the universe through your will.
  3. Focusing on the Journey: Understand the importance of focusing on habits leading to your goal.
  4. Writing Your Goals: Learn how written goals set your will in motion.
  5. Habits Over Goals: Shift your focus from the goal to the habits and processes.

Tied in Love? Discover the Spicy Secret of Master & Slave Dynamics!

A silhouette of a couple caught in a passionate dance, representing the Master-Slave dynamic.

The Delicate Meaning of Mastery and Slavery

The words of Swagger Coxch pierce through the veil of obscurity, "A slave that does not appreciate the fruit of their labor is doomed to remain a slave. A master that does not appreciate the fruit of the slave is doomed to become a slave." Confusing? Hold my hand, and let's journey down the rabbit hole.

Anatomy of Desires: Who's the Real Master?

In essence, whatever you yearn for becomes your Master, and subsequently, you morph into its Slave. The Slave, to break free, must find value in their labor's fruits. If I relish gardening, your penalty of forcing me to tend it loses its sting; you'll need a fresh tactic.

The Fickle Master: A Tale of Two Faces

An unappreciative Master views the Slave as a mere tool, devoid of humanity. Driving the Slave to exhaustion or desertion, the Master, now faced with an unkempt garden, becomes the new Slave. Only upon the exit of the Slave does the Master truly comprehend the lost beauty. And the Slave? Could they ever ascend to Mastery?

The Slave's Ascendancy: Appreciation as the Key

For the Slave to break the chains, they must bask in their labor's fruits. Focusing merely on the task at hand, they overlook the blossoming garden, the fruits of their sweat. Whether facing an unappreciative or appreciative Master, their fate remains the same – bound in perpetual servitude.

Master-Slave Dynamics: A Ubiquitous Dance

This intricate mental warfare of Master and Slave is not confined to hypotheticals. It lurks around every corner of our lives, affecting friendships and romantic relationships alike.

Friendships: A Balancing Act

The Master-Slave dichotomy reveals itself when one party needs the other. Whether it's free hairdos, attention from the opposite sex, or car rides, dependency fuels the power dynamic. The true test of friendship arrives when the Slave gains independence – if the Master was unappreciative, separation looms. But if the insignia of Master and Slave dissipate, true friendship could flourish.

Romantic Relationships: A Power Play

Our society grooms' boys to be Masters – to dominate, protect, and provide. The man, desiring to be the head of the house, often finds himself as the unappreciative Master, pushing his female counterpart towards emotional exhaustion. This constant pushing and driving, absent appreciation, leaves the relationship barren. The woman, oblivious to her own worth, remains the Slave.

"Independent" Women: The Role Reversal

But what of the dependent woman striving for control, aspiring to be the Master? If a man appreciates his own worth, the woman risks becoming the unappreciative Master, doomed to become a Slave. This role reversal often victimizes husbands.

In every facet of our lives, the Master-Slave dynamic subtly operates, demanding appreciation as the antidote. Ignoring these fundamental dynamic risks missing the beauty of the ocean for the ripples in the water. In our ‘what-have-you-done-for-me-lately’ society, it's crucial to appreciate every action and its rippling effects on our lives. Remember, you are allowed to say no, and you are also allowed to appreciate.

Key Points:

  1. The Master-Slave dynamic is a mental game played in all aspects of life.
  2. Appreciation can shift the power balance, leading to a more equal dance.
  3. Friendships and relationships often hide this power struggle.
  4. The key to escaping this dynamic is finding value in your own work and worth.
  5. And remember, it’s a dance, not a war.

Decoding the "Bad Bitch" Phenomenon

Woman with thoughtful expression reflecting on societal labels and relationship choices.

A Rise of a New Class of Women

Ladies and gentlemen let's discuss a new kind of Sorority that's been making waves lately. "Bad Bitch" has emerged as a class, a self-identifier for women who own their strengths, their beauty, their "confidence", their feminine, and their so-called sexual thirsts.

The Gender Tug-of-War

Here's where things get interesting. Men have always been regarded as the "bad boys, or dogs" and now women feel the need to one-up them by self-identifying as "bad bitches". More baffling is that men are seemingly attracted to these bad bitches. We need to start disregarding what the media pushes and begin making conscious decisions about what we truly want.

The Packaging Dilemma

Still puzzled? Let me elaborate. What do you prioritize when choosing a mate? From my observations, a majority of women prefer the "bad boy", determined mainly by his appearance - his "packaging". Similarly, most men are drawn to a pretty face and attractive body. But is this superficial criteria what we genuinely seek in a partner?

The Ideal Mate

Contrary to popular belief, I propose that what we genuinely desire isn't the "perfect face and body", but rather someone we can engage in intellectual and sexual discourse with - someone with the perfect mind.

The Aftermath of Wrong Choices

When we repeatedly fail at choosing the right person, we tend to give up entirely. For women, this often leaves you open to be chosen instead, and for men, desperation might lead to being more open to all women, not just the "bad bitches".

Debunking the "Bad Bitch" Stereotype

The "bad bitch" label carries a sexually charged notion, and the thought of it is animalistic, considering "bitch" refers to a female dog. But are we not above these base instincts? We wouldn't tolerate a misbehaving dog in our homes, so why would we choose partners based on these primal urges?

Time, the Ultimate Truth-Teller

Time is the only real measure of whether someone is truly a "bad bitch" or a "bad boy". With the right energy, transformation is possible. She might not be the right fit for one man but perfect for you, provided you channel the right energy.

Celebrity Transformations - A Case in Point

Many examples from the entertainment industry support this theory. Think about the men who passed on Jennifer Hudson, Mo'Nique, Jill Scott, or Queen Latifah. Likewise, women who rejected Anthony Anderson, Randy Jackson, Seth Rogan, or Reuben Studdard must have regrets.


The essence of my argument is simple: it takes time to find the right mind, but when you do, everything else will fall into place. "Bad dogs" get disciplined and left outside. So, ignore societal pressures and pursue what your heart genuinely desires.

Key Points:

  1. Emergence of "Bad Bitch" as a self-identifier for women.
  2. The packaging dilemma: the focus on physical attributes over mental attributes in choosing a mate.
  3. The aftermath of wrong choices and the role of time in determining the "rightness" of a mate.
  4. Transformation is possible with the right energy and mindset.
  5. Encouraging individuals to ignore societal pressures and pursue what their heart genuinely desires.

Your Love, Your Rules: Unleash Your True Desires!

A beautiful woman left in the bed

Hey there, brave hearts! Ever wondered why your love life seems like a rollercoaster that only goes downhill? Let's untangle this mystery.

Taming the Rebel Heart

Fascinated by the wild side of love, aren't we all? You live this crazy, thrilling lifestyle because it sparks joy in your heart, just like that lightning bolt emoji you love to use. Yet, you find yourself drawn to someone totally opposite because, well, that's what they expect.

The world around you has expectations, huh? Your status in society comes with a manual for the 'right' partner. Does this sound familiar?

The Confidence Conundrum

It all boils down to one thing: Confidence. Yes, my friend, it's that simple and that complex. The partner you choose is a mirror of your confidence, and if you're too scared to embrace your true desires, that reflection gets blurry.

Ever had that thought? She must have been this wild and exciting for someone else. If she hadn't, you wouldn't be drawn to her. Simple logic, right?

Breaking the Chains

Here's where it gets interesting: You suppress your true feelings, choosing what you believe others want you to have. But hey, where's your happiness in this scenario?

Time to make a decision, folks. Love women who love women? Bring your partner home and introduce her as part of your family. It's your happiness on the line, after all.

Decisions, Decisions

What if you bring home her new BFF, and then you cheat on her or worse? Sounds like a twisted sitcom, doesn't it? But it's real life for some. True manhood is about making decisions, not wallowing in indecision.

The world is your oyster, love rebels. Go after what makes your heart sing! For more insights, leave a comment, keep reading, or simply just stay tuned. We're in this journey together. Remember, I'm here to assist you with your romantic quests. It's time to live by Your Love, Your Rules!


  1. Your Love, Your Rules: Don't let society dictate your romantic choices.
  2. Confidence is Key: Your choice of partner reflects your confidence.
  3. Be Decisive: Make choices that align with your happiness.

You've Charmed Your Way to Success... What's Next?

Unleashing the Genuine Love Game

Been parroting "fake it till you make it"? Time to drop that chant and introduce a new catchphrase: "Genuine Love Game". I touched upon the societal construct of boys playing with Barbie Dolls, Baby Dolls, and just being boys. That's where we learn to flex our muscles - strategy, dominance, competitiveness, camaraderie. But for those men who didn't participate in this instinctive training, they are on a different quest - they seek advice.

Playing Hitch - the Genuine Love Game Approach

If you're in the role of a Hitch remake, strategically aiming to win a particular lady's heart, then cheers to you! The fact that you're seeking advice on your genuine love game tells me you're aware of your boundaries, your identity, and your audacity to chase what you desire.

The Misguided Love Gladiators

For the others, who couldn't score in high school, college, or even life, anger becomes your companion. Recall our discussion on suppression theory - it's a revelation of what's happening within you. You've imprisoned those desires, turning from a victim to a Sensei. But if you're exploiting your power against the untrained, aren't you the new oppressor?

Your scoop and score record may have skyrocketed post-"training", but is that the essence of your genuine love game? Or are you just showcasing your might against the oblivious? Remember, your target isn't your past rejections, but an unsuspecting person who doesn't know your grip on her heart.

Genuine Love Game Runs on Premium Energy

Any man overflowing with the premium energy of love doesn't say, "She's drop-dead gorgeous, I want her for tonight". Your suppressed sexual energy is like a shaken soda can - ready to burst. It overpowers your normal state, pushing you into a tiresome loop. You charm her, unravel her emotions, while concealing yours. You reflect a machismo facade that you think women find irresistible. But it's a ticking time bomb because you can't keep pretending. You faked it till you made it, but what about your genuine love game?

Navigating the Genuine Love Game

If you need a compass in the labyrinth of love, I'm here. Leave a comment, tune in, or continue reading. And don't forget, be unapologetically selfish - because through your joy, others find their reflection.

Key Points

  1. Childhood playtime impacts the adult genuine love game.
  2. Seeking advice is strength, not weakness.
  3. The repercussions of suppressed desires.
  4. The pitfalls of a machismo facade in love.
  5. How to improve your genuine love game.

The Duck Test in Love: A Reality Check for Your Dating Life

A pair of ducks symbolizing a romantic couple.

Cracking the Duck Test in Love: A Guide for Better Relationships

Ever heard of the duck test? "If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and waddles like a duck, it must be a duck." Sound familiar? This instant 'logic' isn't just for bird identification - it plays a huge role in your romantic choices too. Baffled? It's high time we talk about 'heuristics', the mind's shortcut to solving complex problems.

Ladies, and the Duck Test in Love

You spot a dapper man, and your mind quickly tags him as clean, disease-free - looks like a duck, right? Maybe you see a man in a crisp suit, and you label him as someone important - talks like a duck, perhaps? The trickiest heuristic of all - men think with their "other head". That, my dear ladies, is oversimplifying a hugely complex process.

Gents, Duck Test isn't just for Ladies

Us gents also fall prey to the duck test in love. We lean on inductive reasoning – making decisions based on past experiences. Looks like a duck, talks like a duck, walks like a duck - has to be a duck. This evolutionary hangover influences not just our diet or workouts, but our approach to dating too.

The Battle-Ready Love Game

Let's be honest, we, men, care about self-preservation. Our survival ensures the tribe's survival. Every 'conquest' adds to our strategy, evolving it into a complex game. But beware, at some point, the lines blur between genuine feelings and the thrill of the chase.

Time - Your Best Ally in Love

Time is a magical salve. It provides a safe haven, a space to untangle energies. Love energy needs to precede sexual energy for a lasting relationship. Our 'fight or flight' response can often be mistaken for the "wrong head" thinking, but that subsides once we feel safe. Trust me, it's easier than it sounds.

Invest Time, Reap Love

Avoiding the pitfalls of the duck test in love calls for investing time in each other. The only thing that appreciates with time is real estate. Make sure your investment is in the right plot.

Trust me, this post has the potential to reshape your romantic world.

Need relationship guidance? I'm here for you. Comment, read on, or stay tuned.

And remember, it's okay to be selfish - your happiness can be the mirror others need to see their own.

"If you can't see your success, change your vantage pointe."

Key Points

  1. How the "Duck Test in Love" affects our romantic choices.
  2. Understanding heuristic mapping and inductive reasoning in relationships.
  3. The critical role of time in fostering genuine relationships.

Sparks and Seduction: Igniting Passion and Ending Arguments!

Couple embracing passionately, finding balance in their relationship.

Embrace the Art of Seduction: Sparks That Vanish Arguments

Ready to turn up the heat and banish those pesky arguments? Brace yourself as we dive into the captivating world of seduction. But first, let's set the stage with a quick recap.

Love Buckets and Energy: The Seductive Connection

You're already on board with the concept of love buckets for women and energy nozzles for men. It's time to explore how energy manifests itself in three enticing forms. Regular energy, the slow burner; premium energy, the love booster; and super high octane, the fiery fuel. Remember, seduction is all about harnessing this energy to create irresistible sparks.

Unleash the Seductive Powers: From Negative to Passionate

Picture this: you're feeling negative, a cloud of gloom surrounds you. But here's where seduction works its magic. Super high octane energy can intensify those negative feelings, turning them into a burning desire for connection. On the flip side, when you're fueled by love energy, super high octane becomes the catalyst that ignites passion like never before. It's a seductive dance of emotions.

The Battle of the Sexes: Seduction Unveiled

Men and women fight for different reasons, driven by their distinctive energy dynamics. Women seek arguments when their energy levels drop, craving a quick recharge. Think of those trivial arguments that erupt into something bigger—they're an attempt to refuel their love buckets. On the other hand, men with excessive energy need an outlet, leading them to fight, argue, or indulge in sexual encounters. It's a primal response seeking balance.

Seduction as the Solution: Intimacy to the Rescue

Ready for the secret weapon to end arguments? It's time to embrace the power of seduction—specifically, sexual intimacy. When you engage in passionate lovemaking, men release super high-octane energy while women receive it, translating into love energy. It's a delicate equilibrium that restores balance and dissipates tension. The effects are remarkable men become too relaxed to argue, and women are energized beyond the need for conflicts.

The Reset Button: Balancing Energy, Love, and Desire

In relationships, we need each other to find balance. It's like stepping into a puddle, soaking your socks. You feel a surge of frustration while trying to complete your tasks. Similarly, arguments arise when both partners are out of sync energetically. The key is to recognize that most arguments stem from external factors, not personal attacks. Instead of adding fuel to the fire, offer love and understanding, allowing your partner to release negative energy and refuel with love.

The Road to Bliss: Seductive Solutions

Ninety percent of arguments can be defused by recognizing external triggers and responding with love and compassion. Remember, you're a team, and your love for each other can conquer any challenges that come your way. So, indulge in a seductive dance, playfully filling each other's buckets with love energy. Find pleasure in the rewards of your efforts and let the passion between you reignite like never before.

Key Points to Remember

  1. Seduction is the key to ending arguments and fueling passion.
  2. Energy dynamics differ between men and women, leading to fights for different reasons.
  3. Sexual intimacy is a powerful tool to restore balance and dissipate tension.
  4. External factors often trigger arguments—offer love and understanding instead of fueling the fire.
  5. Embrace seduction as a way to connect deeply and reignite the passion in your relationship.

Cheating Up or Down: Unraveling the Dynamics of Attraction

Couple Embracing and Smiling

Unveiling the Mysteries: Can We Determine Cheating Up or Down?

When it comes to assessing whether someone has cheated up or down, it's not an easy task. We cannot truly comprehend their vantage point. However, let's delve into the logic behind this concept and attempt to gain a deeper understanding.

The Starting Point: Choosing a Mate

In relationships, we often choose a partner based on the belief that we are getting their maximum potential. This means they possess about eighty percent of the qualities we desire in a mate. This baseline becomes the standard for our expectations.

Women: Expanding the Baseline

For women, finding a mate sets a new baseline. Let's say your first partner had a car. The next partner you choose must meet or exceed that baseline by having a car and something additional, such as a job. The perception here is that women cheat up, constantly seeking to expand their baseline and attract partners who offer more.

Men: Filling the Bucket

For men, the goal is to expand their "bucket" of energy by attracting more partners. This can create the perception that men cheat up. However, there's a twist. When men find a partner who aligns with their maximum potential, they commit, believing they have found everything they desire in one place. From this perspective, men cheat down when they step away from this committed relationship, seeking a partner who presents fewer challenges or headaches.

The Role of Game

Both men and women navigate this complex landscape by employing what we call "game." It involves presenting ourselves as the maximum version of what our potential mate desires, even if we haven't fully reached that potential. By attracting partners based on our minimum, we have room to grow and impress them with our hidden qualities. This way, they appreciate us more as they discover our full potential.

Appreciating in Value

Attracting a mate based on our minimum allows us to appreciate in value. As they initially perceive us as smart, attractive, and well-rounded, they are yet to witness our full potential. When they eventually discover our additional qualities, such as financial stability or domestic skills, their admiration and appreciation grow.

Understanding the Dynamics

Men tend to pick partners based on their maximum confidence level. However, when faced with relationship challenges or overwhelming situations, they may seek partners at a lower level to reduce headaches—cheating down. On the other hand, women establish a baseline and expand their energy bucket, seeking partners who offer more to meet their evolving needs—cheating up. Employing game allows both men and women to present their minimum potential, paving the way for growth and mutual discovery.

Key Points:

  1. Cheating up or down refers to the perception of seeking partners who are either above or below one's initial baseline in a relationship.
  2. Women often cheat up by expanding their baseline, seeking partners who offer more than their previous relationships.
  3. Men cheat down when they step away from committed relationships to find partners who present fewer challenges or headaches.
  4. Both men and women employ "game" to attract partners based on their minimum potential, allowing room for growth and impressing them with hidden qualities.
  5. Attracting a mate based on one's minimum allows for appreciation in value as additional qualities are revealed over time.
  6. Understanding the dynamics of cheating up or down can provide insights into mate selection and relationship dynamics.


What is love?

What is addiction?

Love is never getting enough of what you do want, some say.

Addiction is never getting enough of what you don't want, some say that too.

I would like to offer another answer to this question that even science can't answer. I would like to start with another movie quote from Interstellar, which gave causeway for so many thoughts.

Love isn't something we invented. It's observable, powerful, it has to mean something... Love is the one thing we're capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space.

Again what is love?

As evidenced by the italics in the quote the pieces that I thought needed further consideration and lead to my thoughts on the subject matter.

I explain love as premium energy.

Let's take that a step further.

In my posts on energy, I explained that men have nozzles and women have buckets.

This concept I reintroduce by saying men operate off a feeling and women operate via emotions or groups of feelings.

Love, I also stated was the greatest invention. This is because it can't be explained, touched, or even seen. All that may be true but love you can experience.

You don't understand, I'll explain it in lamens terms

Love, I will now explain in a different context.

Love is a feeling so positive that it can't come from within. Because we generate these supercharged feelings and emotions and can't explain them we attach them to things outside of ourselves.

We have become so detached from ourselves that we believe this great feeling is external.

Think of it this way; if you woke up early in the morning to see the sunrise and it gave you this supercharged feeling, you would attach that feeling to the sun, not yourself.

In turn, you would wake up every morning to get that feeling.

See where I AM going with this.

Are you talking about energy again

In other words, action or presence of someone generated this supercharged feeling you would attach love to this person.

Since you crave this feeling you conclude that you must love that person.

If this person is consistently around when you vibrate at that frequency you determine you are in the momentum of love or in love.

If you generate a feeling that you dislike it must mean you hate that person.

But in actuality, you attached your dis-ease to that person. Addiction works the same way.

You never get over the drug because you have attached the good vibration to the drug instead of addressing the feelings or emotions within you.

Go deeper please we get our energy now

Everything has a two-party system, good and evil, god and the Devil, Democrat, and Republican, masculine and feminine, they aren't different, they are the same viewed from a different vantage point.

Love is hate, positive is negative, and repel can propel, there is no exception to the rule, it's how the system works.

The key takeaway is this: the feelings or emotions that we crave are within US not out there.

We can't explain love, and we can't communicate love because love is internal.

The idea that its external is propaganda

Addiction makes you look to someone or something else as your source of happiness or sadness.

It lets you off the hook.

It releases the tension in your mind because you get to play the blame game, instead of addressing yourself.

These supercharged feelings or emotions let you know when you are on the path of ease.

I AM starting to think everything is about self-discovery.

"Our cells" sound an awful lot like "ourselves"...

When we begin to think about what we think about we start to figure these things out.

When we tip the scales in the favor of love within ourselves we will find more things that generate supercharged feelings and emotions.

Feelings and emotions are our internal GPS.

The moment we attach our beacons to someone else we can easily be led down the wrong path...

Be selfish and fix your damn GPS and I AM willing to bet you will come to a dead stop when it hits you.

I make me ...

If we're going to play the game fair then everything that is in your presence when you experience these super-charged feelings and emotions should get attached to it, which ultimately means you love everything!

Where did we come from?

Did we love ourselves so much that we wanted to keep reproducing the feeling that we already generated, as though we could never get enough of it?

Did we come from another galaxy or alternate possibility?

Who created ourselves in this galaxy because we love ourselves that much?

In these movies I have been watching lately time is the binding agent to the Universe.

If we break uni meaning one and verse being sound, then we all vibrate to the same sound.

I AM willing to bet that sound is love and this has been the case throughout time...

Decisions, Decisions: The Sweet Torture of Having Options

Man contemplating choices

The Delicious Dilemma of Decision Making

The drumroll before the curtain rises. That's where we find ourselves when we're presented with options. It's a tantalizing dance between what could be and what is. Is the availability of choices a divine gift or an insidious curse? That's the puzzle I've been contemplating since my last post.

The Cost of Cognition: Paying with Time

The price tag for these musings? Merely the minutes ticking away as you read and digest my thoughts. But, am I satisfied with this arrangement? The answer is a muddled yes and no. Sure, I pledged to dispense my wisdom freely, but don't mistake that for lack of desire for substantial compensation. The 'free' approach keeps my expectations low but should I be hungrier?

Picture This: A Fridge Full of Food and No Appetite

I'm a sucker for painting vivid mental pictures, so bear with me. Imagine yourself peckish, not ravenous, just enough to stir from the couch and saunter to the fridge. You swing open the door, greeted by a feast fit for a king. So, what do you do? You close the door, retreat to the couch, and wait till starvation strikes. Then you grab whatever will satiate your hunger fastest.

Choices, Choices: The Paradox of Plenty

This metaphorical dance mirrors the quandaries of those 'commitment-phobe' men. The men who have "the threecies," that irresistible cocktail of charm, charisma, and confidence, find themselves in a unique conundrum—the dilemma of options. The buffet of potential partners stretches out before them, tempting and tantalizing. Is broccoli appealing when you're hungry? Absolutely, unless there's pizza.

The Side Effects of Options: Regret and Anxiety

With a smorgasbord of choices, committing feels like inviting regret. The angst of making a decision, followed by the depression of potentially making the 'wrong' one, is the byproduct of having options. When you have a single option, your expectations are modest, and decision-making is stress-free. But the more options you have, the higher your expectations skyrocket.

Opportunity Costs: The Unseen Price Tag

In the world of commerce, there's this term called 'opportunity cost'—the potential benefit lost by not choosing the alternative. This could only be determined by comparing one option to another, thus creating a new option. Let's picture this: You play the Mega Millions, you hit the jackpot and win a million dollars. Hooray! But wait, what if you could've won eighty million?

The Dangerous Dance of Desire: Infidelity and Commitment

This concept spills over into why some men cheat or avoid commitment. When you choose a partner based on fleeting moments of confidence, the dynamics change post-marriage. The security of having someone at home fuels your confidence, leading you down the path of desiring more.

The Art of Decision Making: Black and White

So, what's my advice? Embrace the binary—life or death, chase dreams or don't, make a choice or not. When faced with multiple choices, pick confidently, knowing that it's the right choice at that moment. Learn from every decision and realize there's no such thing as a 'wrong' choice. As Jay-Z puts it, "I will not lose for even in defeat, there's a valuable lesson learned." So, let's embrace our options, and remember, the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Boom!

Key Points:

  1. Having options can feel both liberating and overwhelming.
  2. With many choices, decision-making can induce anxiety and regret.
  3. Opportunity cost is the potential gain we lose by not choosing the alternative.
  4. Confidence in decision making leads to learning and growth.
  5. Embrace your choices, and remember, no choice is ever 'wrong'.

Selfishness is Sexy: Unleash the Power of Loving Yourself!

A confident woman loving herself

Selfishness is Sexy: Unleash the Power of Loving Yourself!

Is it just me, or does the term "selfish" carry a ridiculously bad rap? I'm here to tell you that being selfish isn't a crime. In fact, it can be a saving grace, especially when it comes to dating and relationships. Ladies, it's time to be the star of your own show!

Loving Yourself: The Oxygen Mask Theory

Imagine this. You're on a plane, and the oxygen masks drop down. What's the first thing you do? Secure your mask, then assist others. You see, you can't help anyone else if you're gasping for air. The same principle applies in love: you can't truly love someone else if you don't first love yourself.

Single and Selfish: Love Thyself, Change Your Dating Game

Here's a hard pill to swallow: you're single because you're not in love with yourself. Yes, I said it. Too often, we're chasing the idea of love, ignoring the essential fact that love must begin within.

When you don't love yourself, you're prone to settling, accepting less than you deserve. Self-love means setting boundaries, recognizing your worth, and not allowing anyone to devalue you.

Sell the Impulse Buy: Be Unforgettable, Not a Quick Pick

You're not a bargain buy; you're a luxury. When you love yourself, you're not a last-minute, quick pick. You're the primary reason someone walks into the store.

Social Pressures: Stop Letting Others Define Your Happiness

Isn't it time you stopped letting societal pressures dictate your happiness? If you love staying home, do it. Love to travel? Pack your bags! The key is to understand what brings you joy, then fearlessly pursue it.

Loving yourself and prioritizing your happiness reduces your dependence on external validation. It reduces the anxiety of needing someone else to fill your life's gaps. It puts you in control.

In conclusion, be SELFISH, ladies. Put your happiness first. Learn to love yourself so deeply that when someone treats you less than you deserve, you recognize it. And then, unapologetically walk away.

After all, self-love isn't just about dating; it's about living a fulfilling life!

Mastering the Art of Emotional Triggers: Unleash Your Seductive Superpowers!

Couple gazing into each other's eyes, expressing intense passion and connection through the camera

Introduction: Embracing the Power of Emotional Triggers

Welcome to a world where emotions reign supreme, and irresistible connections are formed through the art of emotional triggers. Prepare to delve into the depths of seduction, influence, and passionate romance. In this alluring guide, we'll unravel the secrets behind influential figures and explore the remarkable impact of emotional triggers on our relationships. Brace yourself for a journey filled with flirty anecdotes, playful insights, and the key to unlocking your seductive superpowers.

Iconic Influencers: Unveiling the Secrets of Seductive Success

Ever wondered how charismatic figures like Bishop T.D. Jakes, Michael Jackson, and Beyoncé amassed fame and fortune? They hold a unique skill that sets them apart—the ability to trigger intense emotional responses. Join us as we uncover their secret sauce and reveal how they captivate audiences, ignite desires, and leave us longing for more. Their success lies not merely in their talent, but in their mastery of emotional triggers that keep us hooked.

The Pivotal Role of Emotional Triggers: Unlocking Desire and Connection

Picture this: A captivating scene in a dimly lit clubhouse, filled with beautiful individuals. Among them, a master of emotional triggers steps forward, armed with the power to create an electric atmosphere. By triggering emotions, they unlock desires, engage competition, and forge deeper connections. It's the key that opens the door to intense passion and irresistible allure. Are you ready to discover the pivotal role of emotional triggers in your own journey?

Seductive Scenarios: Unleashing Emotional Triggers in Action

Allow me to paint a seductive scenario for you. In a room full of gorgeous people, I approach the least expected, engaging them with a simple "hi." As confusion and curiosity fill the air, I set the stage for a captivating experience. Through playful interactions, secrets shared, and laughter shared with the group, emotional triggers are set in motion. The energy intensifies, connections deepen, and the allure becomes irresistible. It's all part of the seductive dance we call life.

The Science of Emotional Response: Cracking the Code to Influence

Emotional triggers are more than mere happenstance—they are rooted in the science of human psychology. Join us as we unveil the secrets behind emotional responses and the intricate workings of the mind. By understanding the inner workings of emotions, you can unlock the code to influence, charm, and leave a lasting impact. It's time to harness the power of emotional triggers and become a true master of connection.

From Laughter to Lust: Emotions that Captivate Hearts

Laughter, desire, and intense passion—these are the emotions that hold us captive. Explore the spectrum of emotions that trigger our hearts to skip a beat. From the infectious laughter delivered by Brother Steve Harvey to the sensual allure woven into the music of Beyoncé, these emotions grip our souls and make us feel alive. Discover how to harness their power, creating an irresistible aura that draws others to you like a moth to a flame.

Triggering Desire: Navigating the Path to Intense Passion

Desire is the fuel that drives us, igniting the flames of passion and connection. In the realm of emotional triggers, desire is the ultimate prize. Explore the strategies, techniques, and anecdotes that guide us along this enticing path. Learn how to awaken desire within others, navigate the delicate balance of attraction, and create a magnetic pull that leaves them yearning for more. Let's embark on a journey that sets hearts ablaze with desire.

The Ultimate Relationship Hack: Emotional Triggers and Lasting Connections

In the game of relationships, emotional triggers hold the key to unlocking the deepest connections. They bypass logic, ignite primal instincts, and create bonds that defy explanation. Discover how emotional triggers can transform your relationships, from casual encounters to long-lasting commitments. Embrace the ultimate relationship hack as you master the art of triggering emotions, ensuring lasting connections filled with love, passion, and unbreakable bonds.

Key Points:

  • Emotional triggers are the secret to captivation and success for influential figures.
  • Triggering emotional responses is a powerful tool for persuasion and influence.
  • Understanding the science of emotions helps unlock the code to irresistible charm.
  • Laughter, desire, and passion are emotions that deeply resonate with us.
  • Desire fuels intense connections, and emotional triggers are the pathway to unlocking it.
  • Mastering emotional triggers leads to lasting connections and profound relationships.

Navigating the Love Jungle: Beware of the Venomous Heart

couple having sex while on the phone

Heads up, Singletons!

Firstly, let's get real here. Single? Partnered? It doesn't matter which side of the relationship spectrum you're on. Look around you. Anyone lurking who's occupying too much of your time without being 'the one'?

Playing Sherlock in Your Love Life

We all have these characters in our life, and they always dodge that one crucial question, "Why are you in my life?" They stutter, they stammer, not because they're clueless, but rather, they're terrified of admitting their true feelings. But hey, no bullschit responses allowed here. Let's get brutally honest and figure out their purpose in your life.

The Art of 'You-Time' and 'The One'

If you're flying solo, there's no need to despair. Dream up your perfect partner and set the stage. Into art? Make the galleries your second home. More of an outdoorsy type? Hit those hiking trails. Don't let bad past experiences color your present. Just because you picked up a guy at a bar and he turned out to be a drink-loving disaster doesn't mean every bar guy is a ticking beer bomb.

Fear: Your Door to Success

Gentlemen, it's time to embrace that fear. That's your ticket to success. You see a gorgeous lady, your eyes linger, and voila, you're caught. But don't let that frighten you. Own it! If you're brazen enough to admire her, be brave enough to admit it. Got caught in a Zack Morris time-freeze? Well, that's her fault for being so breathtakingly beautiful.

The Story of Marc, Shelby, Eleanor, and Jacob

Let's delve into a little tale from my own life, introducing four friends: Marc, Shelby, Eleanor, and Jacob. Marc and Shelby are dating, as are Eleanor and Jacob. But while Eleanor and Jacob are floating on cloud nine, Marc's turning into a verbal Godzilla, hurling abusive words at Shelby.

The Venomous Snake in the Grass

This is where the plot thickens. Unbeknownst to Shelby, Marc's pouring out his heart to Eleanor, painting a dreary picture of his relationship. What's worse, he's slowly trying to sell Eleanor a dream. He's weaving a web, setting her up for the snake's strike. And poor Jacob, oblivious to Marc's intentions, encourages this communication.

Identifying the Poison

Beware, ladies and gentlemen, of such serpents in your life. They strike when you least expect it, paralyzing you with their potent venom, sowing seeds of doubt and confusion in your relationships.

The Key Takeaways:

  1. Be aware of the people in your life and question their intent.
  2. Embrace your solo status and shape your path towards attracting the right partner.
  3. Don't let fear hinder your pursuit of love.
  4. Be vigilant of snakes who misuse friendship to meddle in relationships.

Don't Let Today's You Pick Your Forever Mate

An image of a man looking into a mirror, reflecting his future self.

Who's Picking Your 'Eleanor'?

Hey, you, yes, you! What if I told you that the secret to a blissful relationship could be lurking in your future, rather than your present? Picture this, your dream Eleanor (yup, that irresistible Ford Mustang from "Gone in 60 seconds") may not be the model you settle for today because of your current confidence level.

Imagine if your future self, the one you aspire to become, chose your partner. This confident, successful future self knows his value and chooses a mate who's truly compatible. Mind-blowing, right?

Don't Sell Yourself Short!

I knew this dude, let's call him Bob. Bob was good-looking, funny, and all around great guy. But Bob didn't see his value. He thought women only saw him as a friend. Fast forward a few years, and he's dating someone who probably felt the same way he did. Could be love... or maybe they both just ran out of options. Don't be like Bob.

The True Cost of Compromise

Remember that Eleanor? You wanted her, but you settled for the cheaper model because you didn't believe the real Eleanor would still be available. That's the confidence talking, and it's messing with your happiness. Now, what happens when you discover Eleanors are not that rare after all? You're stuck with Old Faithful, which doesn't quite cut it.

Rising to Your Value

Let's shift gears. You're in a relationship, and all's going well. Suddenly, your value shoots up. You've been promoted, lost weight, or came into a windfall. Congrats, Big Boss, you can now afford the real Eleanor! But wait, you're already with someone. You're loyal, so you resist the allure of the shiny new Eleanors.

But then, your dream Eleanor is offered to you for a test drive, no strings attached. Can you resist? If Old Faithful starts giving you trouble, chances are, you're going for that test drive.

The Costly Aftermath

So you cave in, test-drive that Eleanor and get lured in by the attention it brings. You can't afford both, so you let Old Faithful sit in the garage, while you splurge on Eleanor. But guess what? Someone else notices Old Faithful and sees the value you missed.

Back to Square One

Your shiny new Eleanor turns out to be a lemon. And while you're dealing with the fallout, Old Faithful has moved on, possibly upgraded by her new owner. If you're lucky enough to get Old Faithful back, she's not the same anymore.

Key Points:

  1. Your future self should choose your partner, not your current confidence level.
  2. Don't settle for less because of a perceived scarcity. True love isn't a limited edition Eleanor.
  3. Your value can change, but your commitment should remain.
  4. Moving on to a shiny new Eleanor might cost you your Old Faithful.

This humorous and slightly twisted journey is to help you understand the psychology of love and relationships. If you've ever wondered why people cheat, it might be because they didn't test enough Eleanors to recognize the value of Old Faithful. So, strap in, and let's find our true Eleanors together!