Unlocking Love: An Energy Game Not Everyone Understands

Mastering the Love Game: It's Not All About Getting Laid, It's About Energy!

Buckle up, pals! What I'm about to drop isn't about painting you as a "bad apple" or schooling you on how to score in the bedroom. You've got it wrong if that's what you thought. Nay, nay, nay, and oh, did I say nay?

It's All About the Energy, Baby!

See, making love isn't really about the sexy times; it's all about the energy. Yes, sex has its place (Audi R8, 0-100, 3.5 seconds, remember?), but it's more about the long run. So, for the uninitiated, let me put it straight: men are nozzles, women are buckets. And trust me, it ain't rocket science.

Falling In Love: A Bucket and Nozzle Story

So here's the rundown: women make men feel all the feels, and men, in turn, fill up those buckets. When a man's feeling the love consistently, he's in the 'momentum of love', or as the romantics call it, "in love." Similarly, when her bucket is consistently filled with love, she's in the momentum of love too.

Imagine a couple. Every day, she makes him feel loved, and in response, he fills her bucket with tokens of love. Could be sweet texts, thoughtful gifts, or his time - because let's face it, guys want to be where they feel the love. The more she makes him feel loved, the more he fills her bucket. If this goes on, the love energy reaches its zenith, and then - BAM! - sexual energy follows, and voila, we've got a thriving relationship on our hands!

The Art of Balancing Energy in Love

But life isn't always rainbows and butterflies. What if negativity fills her bucket? Or he feels down? In such situations, you play the game of "opposites attract," but not in the way you might think. When one's down and the other's up, both must strive to find a middle ground.

Imagine a scenario where every phone call or meeting is a bombardment of negativity. Your job is to counter that negative onslaught with a blast of love. Ditto for him. If he's just venting about a lousy day at work, make him feel loved. The negativity diminishes as love takes over.

And guess what? Whoever starts the negativity loses. You both have to gulp down your negative vibes and fill up each other's buckets with love. You'll find that as love replaces negativity, your bucket gets filled with more love, making you forget the bad vibes - the same goes for him.

Keeping the Momentum of Love Alive

Remember this mantra, and you'll always find yourself in the momentum of love. And if you're single, keep your potential partner in the momentum of love. You'll be amazed at how quickly it morphs into a relationship.

And hey, if you need help with any relationship issues, don't hesitate to reach out. Leave a comment, drop me an email, or simply stay tuned for more nuggets of wisdom.

And always remember, put your happiness first, because through your happiness, others can envision their own. That's the essence of love - and let me tell you, it's fuching fantastic!

Key Points:

  1. Making Love is About Energy: It's not just about getting laid; it's about building and sharing energy. Men, being the nozzles, and women, the buckets, this energy flow shapes the momentum of love.
  2. Falling in Love is a Continuous Process: When women make men feel loved consistently, and men keep filling her bucket with love, both find themselves in the momentum of love, building a thriving relationship.
  3. Negativity can be Countered with Love: Life has its fair share of ups and downs, which can fill our buckets with negativity. However, by countering the negative with love, you can steer the relationship towards positivity again.
  4. Balancing Love Energy is Essential: It's crucial to balance the love energy, especially when one partner is negative and the other is positive. Both partners need to strive to find a middle ground by promoting love.
  5. Keep the Momentum of Love Alive: Keeping this love energy flowing continuously can ensure a lasting relationship. Even if you're single, keeping a potential partner in the momentum of love can quickly bloom into a beautiful relationship.

Is He a Keeper or a Leaper? Find Out Why He's Not Committing!

Sexy, Big Black woman wearing black tank top

"Is He Playing Hard to Get, or Just Not That Into You?" - A Swagger Coxch Unravels the Truth

Are you ready to delve deep into the intricate labyrinth of commitment and uncover what's truly behind those non-committal actions? Strap on your emotional armors, ladies. It's going to be a bumpy ride!

Shiny Silver Bullets or Commitment Phobia?

Let's start by addressing a burning question – do you really want him to commit? Now, be honest with yourself. Because if you do, you need to realize that the emotional gun he's holding might just be loaded with silver bullets. Are you controlling the bullets while letting him hold the trigger? Think about it.

The Tough Love Dilemma

Some men lack the understanding of motivation due to their upbringing and resort to tough love. You don't like being called fat. He knows it, yet he keeps on doing it. He even watches you cry. But still, you stay... This screams a lack of confidence or some deep-rooted issue that makes you comfortable in such a situation.

The Father-Daughter Paradox

Growing up with a father who did not flirt with you can make you feel self-conscious. This could leave you without the confidence to recognize when a man truly loves you, or even how to love him back. Remember, your self-worth isn't defined by anyone else. You are your own beacon of light!

The Realization of Inner Glow

It's high time to recognize your inner charisma. Demand respect and the treatment you deserve. Once you realize your true inner glow, you'll be on the right path to finding the right man.

The Commitment Conundrum

Ask yourself, "Why should he commit?" If you truly believe in your worth, you wouldn't fear asking him. If he doesn't respond positively, remember that you deserve better.

The Misunderstood Power of Communication

Commitment doesn't have to come with a title. The power lies in communication. A title gives you some claim to the other person, but it doesn't necessarily denote commitment.

Balancing the Emotional Scales

The emotional balance in a relationship should be equal. We, as men, want to be the buyer, but that doesn't mean we own you. If you hold the emotional trigger, we're both equal players.

Key Points:

  1. Before demanding commitment, ensure you really want it.
  2. The lack of confidence can lead to tolerating disrespect in relationships.
  3. Recognize your inner charisma and demand the respect you deserve.
  4. Open communication is crucial for understanding commitment levels.