Love: The Business That Pays In Happiness

A man and woman shaking hands

The Business of You: The Birth of a Corporation

Ever thought why we say, "Stay out of my business"? Funny how 'business' substitutes for 'personal life.' It's a subtle hint, my friend - you, yes you, are a business, from the moment you enter this world. Remember that 'birth certificate'? That's your business license. See, you were always meant for business!

Mergers of Love: Relationships Recast

What's better than a thriving business? Two of them merging! Enter romantic relationships, the merger of two successful ventures, each with their own assets and liabilities. As these businesses amalgamate, we become more than just people in love. We form a Corporation of Hearts. In a business, we stay focused, leaving emotions aside. What if we approach our relationships the same way? Let's take a look.

Emotional Balance Sheets: Weighing Assets and Liabilities

Every business decision you make in your relationship should pass through the litmus test - "Is this a good business decision?" The assets and liabilities you bring to the merger now belong to the corporation that your love has created. Each disagreement is a business meeting where emotions are sidelined, and the point at stake is tackled head-on.

Personal Life vs. Business Life: The Art of Differentiation

Don't get me wrong. There is a time and place for emotions and feelings - within you, the individual, the Person, separate from the business. They are your personal companions, residing within the confinements of your 'personal life.' They are about self, shaped by perception. Since we know perception can be as varied as the number of stars in the night sky, it's clear - they don't have a seat at the business table.

The Art of Conducting Business

You are a business and you've got to play the part. Every action in your relationship should echo the calculated precision of a business move. Feelings and emotions? They make you human, not a battery. However, they are the weekend warriors, not your 9-5 troops.

Key Points:

  1. The moment you're born, you're a business.
  2. Relationships are akin to business mergers.
  3. Separate emotions from business dealings in relationships.
  4. Feelings belong to personal life, not the business.