Relationships are dollar value deals. Relationship struggles are value-based. Everything is based on selling and buying.

Think closely, the next concepts should resonate or penetrate deep. Not like the deep that your partner goes to make you give up everything or ignite the fire within. It’s deep like an idea that once it sinks in the light bulb goes off and you have the answer that will change all your relationships for life.

Relationship equal cash, how?

All relationships are based on selling and buying. Men always want to be in the position of buying. That gives him the perceived power of being the owner. So let’s get back to our Clubhouse scenario. You were buying dreams but sold a nightmare. Being in your dream; we met at the Clubhouse then we ended up back at your place. I didn’t spend anything for what you gave me. It’s evidenced that no one cares about the things they get for free, at least not initially.

What is your value to me?

Understand this I value you at zero, which means that I can keep you like a new toy; a toy that you only pull out to play with, or I can just throw you away. Get this it didn’t cost me anything. I don’t and can’t lose in the deal or transaction. You not realizing your value is like having a Masters’ degree but you work as a cashier. I’m not saying this is a bad profession but you didn’t have to waste the money to obtain the degree. Starting from this position you have to work really hard to get management to see your value. The age-old adage comes to mind; why pay for the cow, when you can have the milk for free.

So how did this happen? How did I know you were an easy sell?

That’s the ideology of knowing your value. When you know your value you don’t package the item to tight or too big. If your product is packaged right, you sell it with such confidence that the buyer knows they’re getting a great value for the money, even before the item is put to use. The point is to make him spend a lot of money. I’m not talking physical cash but mental cash. Men handle their affairs the same way. Picture the way men play monopoly. So he has to spend an outrageous amount of time. Let him give the affection and don't settle. He has to love the product to the point that he imagines what it would be like to have the product. He begins to picture his life with his new purchase. We put a lot of love into anything we spend a lot for. Oh and we always give them female names, get it, good.

Remember my post about the roots? In case you forgot, check it out here.

Adam waited for Eve so we can wait for you. Remember that bush that Moses talked to that gave him the idea that he could free his people. That bush was a metaphor for Moses desire to achieve his goal. He thought about freeing his people so much so that one day it consumes him. That desire is what we should experience when we want YOU.

Let’s take it a step further

Let’s say that you pay him to be with you. You give him whatever he wants when we Casanova you. Meaning we meet you for one thing but we get much more. Examples include a good meal, which is worth more if you make it yourself than if you go out to eat; paying a bill or two, sneakers, you get the point. I'm only there for your payment of services rendered. Only you didn’t realize that you were paying for a service. You wanted something tangibly intangible, like a relationship or better yet LOVE. You pay premium prices for our service; of course, I’m going to visit you very often. I’m going to visit you so often that you begin to think of this nightmare as a dream. My visiting is simply because I want to keep selling my services before you decide to buy it from somewhere else. You don’t even know what you are purchasing. Worst of all you didn’t realize you were in the marketplace.


You want me to come around so bad that you are willing to pay for anything that I’m selling. I hope you’re starting to get the point, but let’s keep going. You even pay me in advance for services rendered. So I show up at will and you’re waiting there as though I’m the delivery man coming with a million dollar check. Here’s the kicker I will inevitably switch you out for something I can pay for! MEN ALWAYS WANT TO BE IN THE POSITION OF BUYING. THAT GIVES US THE PERCEIVED POWER OF BEING THE OWNER.

Ok, you’re not thinking or pride keeps you missing the point.

In this situation, you are the buyer and you’re purchasing a service. A service in which you compensated me nicely. However, when I decide that I want to change the tide I will go and find a less, much less, independent woman. I’m not saying her value is less. I’m saying she knows who the seller is and who the buyer, or at least present it as such. She presents her product in such a way that I feel like a winner.

You’re wondering why and actually believing that it is something wrong with you. The only thing wrong is that you don’t know your value. Because you’re paying for something it doesn’t mean the service will always be there.

When in the market to purchase new items we realize that our investments will eventually pay off, or else why buy it. This is the reason YOU and I will have a power struggle. I invest in things that will appreciate giving me a larger return on my investment. Stay-at-home mothers understand the service they actually provide is worth more than they can get in the marketplace.