What are the chains of love? This will explain my Attachment theory. I believe that everyone attached emotions to something. For example, think of your favorite song. Then ask yourself why is it your favorite song. Think of your favorite movie, year, anything, and ask yourself why is it my favorite. This provides you some comfort when you're uncomfortable.

I will explain this technique to you so that you are aware of it. Two things can happen either you already have something that is your favorite and I attach myself to that, or I will give you something to attach me to. I only have to find a moment. That moment will last a lifetime unless you replace it with another moment. I call this the emotional trigger and changing vests.

What I would do is this... before we get to that, think of this as the movie Inception. I realize there are several levels to your subconscious. In fact, starting in middle school I would actually tell women that I spoke to their subconscious and not their conscious mind. Therefore the things that I am saying to you during the day will wake you up with deep emotions for me. Hence my level of SWAG. Most guys care about that night I care about forever because that is my intention. But if we mix sexual energy before love energy then you're stuck with the virus... the idea. The idea that we could be together forever, that I AM just as emotionally attached as you are. When you find that I AM not, that would send you spiraling out of control. The problem is that I AM not the only one doing this and I only realized I did this because I now think about what I think about and what I thought about.

Think about yourself in a beauty pageant. It's the evening wear portion. You have your long flowing dress on. You're coming out to a slow jam, let's say Brian McKnight's Back at One. I pay attention because I know there is a reason you chose that song. It could have been your fathers' favorite song to play as you watched him and your mom dance in love.

I think your gorgeous and I make it a point to meet you after it's over. We chat for a bit, then exchange information. You're on an emotional high because although you may or may not have won the pageant you're elated at how beautiful you are and everyone is telling you that. You're so beautiful that most guys believe you're unattainable. That makes my hi all the more special. When I get you to my house about five songs in I decided to play roulette with the music and put on a couple of different jams mostly like medium-paced pop. But as we are getting to know each other better I change the song to guess what, Brian McKnight's Back at One. At this point, I come out of left-field with my questions forcing you to come back to the conversation but my intonation matches the rhythm of the song. We laugh and laugh, smile and flirt all the while this appears to be innocent. At this point I ask, are you thirsty? I get up to get you water or a drink, it's up to you. What I'm doing is letting the song play. We laughed I took you out of the past and brought you to the present and then left you there to go back to the past.

Since you went to the past and I brought you back to the present with laughter, you will actually take the smiles back with you to the past.

neoNow it's not your parents that you see, it's you and I. The song is over and the next song is something overly sexual and blatant like R. Kelly's It Seems Like You're Ready. I tell you how this is a classic. Now you're really tuned into the words of the song. Again my intonation... During this song, I ask, why you chose that song? You begin telling me and I interrupt you by getting closer to your face. We quickly escalate and now... my big feelings are going into your deep emotions. This makes your heart pump giving you an almost primal instinct for love like when Neo saved Trinity. Depending on when this
happens will make all the difference in terms of our future. Either way, emotionally, I have been in your life since the moment that song was stamped on your lifeline... Now I'm chained to your emotions and you have to start back at one.

If you need assistance with any relationship, I will help; leave a comment, email me, or simply just stay tuned.

As always remember to be fuching selfish and through witnessing your happiness others can view themselves the same.