Men get caught cheating the same way women do.

The root cause of cheating is energy!

In order for the relationship to work, the energy must be balanced.

What that means is that your nozzle can handle the exact amount of energy she needs to fill her bucket and vice versa.

This is a lot to read so you can listen to what I have to say here.

You start out dating.

If you couldn't fill her bucket with you own premium energy then you had to add something physical to it.

This displaces the energy giving it the appearance of being full.

You may be taking her shopping, buy jewels, clothes or shoes.

When you can't keep this up her bucket won't be full.

When you can't fill her bucket she appears to be growing or at least her confidence.

Now that she's growing or gaining confidence Y'all no longer see eye-to-eye.

She can see a whole new class of guys that she couldn't see before.

Now that you can't fill her bucket she needs the energy that you can't or is not providing, so she cheats.

If he's not the man of that household he will cheat because he will find a household to be the man of.

This scenario works both ways.

If he has too much energy, if he can't find a way to release it, he will cheat.

She can't handle all of your energy so you will find someone who can handle the extra energy that he has. He will find an Eleanor.

How did you get caught?

Their mind created the circumstance and situations to get caught!

Cheating is simply a result of needing to release or receive energy.

You cheated as a result of needing to release.

All Nappy Dugouts are basically the same with a different package.

On top of that, there is no need for a woman to ejaculate, so that rules out women as a root cause of your cheating.

You're addicted to the release.

It doesn't have to be the release of sexual energy alone, it can be both.

The other [main] reason why you cheated is a lack of confidence.

You let your confidence choose your mate. If you were confident in yourself when you chose her you would have chosen the person you thought was the absolute best!

What has happened?

You chose a woman based on your confidence at the time. Then through whatever means it could be a job promotion or simply the fact that you’re attracting a different class of woman. We all know that once other women realize you have the ability to fill a bucket, they want you to fill their bucket.

Having new found confidence in your ability to fill buckets means she’s upgraded you. They're coming to you, and you have old faithful at home, you’re super confident!

You might not admit this one but it’s cool.

If you aren’t the man of your household you will find a household to be the man of.

You want to release love so that she makes you feel that you’re loved.

If you can’t release love she makes you feel like something other than love.

When you feel like something other than love you create regular energy, which you, in turn, fill her bucket up with.

Then you go off searching for a bucket to release love into, that bucket that you release love in to will be the bucket of the woman who made you feel like you were the man and not in just a sexual way. You feel alive and you make her feel alive the only problem is that she’s not your significant other.


That’s why, but damn how did you get caught?

After you’re done test driving random cars, you come home fill your woman up with partially love and partially something other than love.

That something other than love gives her the clue that something is different.

You have been filling her up with premium (love) and super octane (sexual energy) the entire time you’ll have been together.

That premium gets mixed with a splash of regular (something other than love). It’s noticeable like diet vs. regular coke.

That splash of something different comes because you’re constantly thinking about the other person and how good she felt.

You constantly think about the other woman and how good she felt. This creates the circumstances and situations for you to get caught cheating.