Dodge The Life-Suckers: How to Survive Your Personal Zombie Apocalypse

While watching TWD I realized something... The Zombies are a metaphor for our daily lives. Here is a synopsis of the Zombies:

  1.  They are dead.
  2. They walk around searching for humans to kill.
  3. After they kill you, they convert you to being a Zombie.
  4. They're dead but they need to feed.
  5. They feed on the not-currently dead. 
  6. Noises trigger them.
  7. Fire triggers them.

Any time you're doing something different the Zombies attack. Let's say you're trying to save money, the Zombies attack by saying you can't take it with you or wanting a handout. If you're trying to better yourself, they attack by telling you that you aren't schit and your idea will never work. Let's say that you want to talk to that girl that everyone in your group think is so awesome, but they convince you that you can't get her.

Can the family be zombies?

Zombies can be spouses.

The Walking Dead Among Us

Welcome to your personal "Walking Dead" episode! Except the zombies here don't crave brains; they're your family, your frenemies, and the envious ones trying to suck the life out of your dreams. Talk about an episode twist!

Scenario One: The Gold Rush Attack

Imagine, you're determined to be the next Bill Gates, sitting on a pile of cash. You're furiously devouring books about riches, saving money, and staying disciplined. But boom! Enter the zombies. They're clawing at your well-earned cash, trying to drag you down to their level of mindlessness. Remember that scene from "World War Z" when the zombies pile up to breach the wall? Just like that!

Scenario Two: Attack of the Dream Snatchers

Now, picture this: You've got a million-dollar idea that gets your heart racing. You've planted this entrepreneurial seed in your mind, and it's sprouting. But wait! Here come the zombies again, groaning that your idea is unoriginal, or worse, that YOU can't do it. If you let them, these zombies might just nip your dream in the bud. I bet you didn't think your life was this much like a George Romero movie, did you?

Scenario Three: Love Bites and Zombie Fights

Step into the romantic battleground. Whether you're the unlikely heartthrob or the suave charmer, the girl of your dreams has fallen for you. But love is never without its zombies. If you're the underdog, male zombies will think they have a shot at your girl, while the female zombies suddenly see you as more desirable. If you're the charmer, the female zombies remain a threat, but male zombies target your girl, hoping to draw you out. Sounds like an episode of "The Bachelor: Zombie Edition", doesn't it?

Scenario Four: When Success Breeds Zombies

So, you've made it! You're rich, successful, and have built a fortress around yourself. But just one tiny stumble, and the zombies are on you like a pack on fresh meat. Our poor friend Steve Harvey can vouch for this; he was living large until one mistake set the zombies swarming. Talk about a drama-filled reality show, right?

Zombie or Alive: The Choice Is Yours!

The zombie life may seem easy: no ambition, no effort, just mindless existence. It's like choosing to watch reruns instead of trying a new series. But wouldn't you rather script your own show? Leave the dull, monotonous drone behind, and let's hear your battle cry against the walking dead!

Key Points:

  1. Zombies are everywhere: your family, friends, or colleagues who try to bring you down.
  2. They attack when you're trying to accumulate wealth, innovate, or find love.
  3. Falling into a zombie-like state is easy, but it's a dull and monotonous existence.
  4. Break free from the zombies and script your own success story.