Daughter of the Woman You Chose

I saw an Instagram post either yesterday or today, I'm not sure, but it has been on my mind. It showed two pictures. One was of a woman and her daughter dress like dancers and was presented as if the mother was a stripper and her daughter was dressed just like her. The other was what appeared to be an educated woman who was putting a graduation cap on her daughter.

I commented on the post and said "there is no male in either picture". The reason for the comment was this. We are looking at the result of a series of males. For the sake of this post, we'll say she was a Stripper and the other picture was that of a Professor.

My guess is that the Stripper father wasn't in her life. Or, if he was he wasn't active or expanded her bucket as he should have. Without any information, you would assume that her father wasn't in her life and neither was her daughter's father. So the cycle continues.

In the case of the Professor, more than likely her father was in her life. You could make the assumption that her father wasn't in her life either but her mother was strong enough to direct and support her on her goals.

The majority of the comments were about what men don't want. I can't stand seeing content like this because again there are no men in the picture. To me that's the biggest problem, there are no men in the picture.

Have you seen a post like this? If you have seen a post like this, what are your thoughts?