Do you want to know what I learned while washing dishes? First of all, men do wash dishes and lots of them. My wife, just like her momma, likes to use one side of the sink to "soak" the dishes. By the time I get to the sink to wash the dishes, the water is damn near brown. I turned the faucet on, and down came a heavy stream of clear water. One by one, I take the "soaking" dishes and scrub each one clean. Then I insert it into the dishwasher to dry.

Yes, I use my dishwasher as a drying rack. I'm old-school like that. 

After the last dish was clean, I released that brown water while the clear water was still streaming down. It was at that point when it hit me. 

Most of you are dirty water, at least your mind is. Think of it this way. You read all the memes about how terrible men are, right? Some you even agree with. I can hear you now. You just read a meme that said something to the effect of telling you he loves you means nothing if his actions keep showing you differently. You like yup yup ummm hmmm I knew he won't shit. You agree with this because your water is dirty. It's negative. Let's call it what it is PROPAGANDA. This keeps all your ideas (dishes) dirty because they are surrounded by dirty water. His personality might just be a bit different. He might not show you love the way you expect to see or receive it, but that doesn't mean he doesn't love you or isn't trying. The dirty water has you thinking he's dirty!

Remove the dishes (your ideas/perceptions) from the dirty water, scrub them clean, wash the dishes with that crystal clear stream of water coming down, then set them in the dishwasher to dry. Next, remove the plug, or whatever that metal thing is that stops the water and catches the beans from the red beans and rice you had for dinner. If that means detox from all negative social media outlets for 30 days and replace them with positive ones and watch and see if it not only change your relationship status but your life.

Now I wonder how many of you will do the dishes!?