Men are weak, and women are strong in 2020, really!? I actually agree. The real question is, why? Men are getting weaker because of men. Women are the most consistent beings on Planet Earth. Think of it this way; you know that fable about the tortoise and the hare. The Hare starts running real fast and believing that it's so fast and the race is so easy that he actually stops and falls asleep and ultimately loses the race. 

What do a turtle and a rabbit have to do with relationships?

I know that's your question but think about it. The hare being you, "The Man," starts fast and is winning the race, but you're inconsistent. Ultimately, our society as now and throughout history shows that when society becomes too "feminine," it fails.

I'm a Father, and that's why I feel this needs to be said.

I always make an important distinction between men and Fathers. God grants you the title of Father. Whether that's a result of practicing Divinity or being married. Time and time again, I state that "men" are responsible for the fall of "men," and thus society failing. It's not a feminine or masculine thing; it's a family structure thing. 

When men aren't upgraded to Father, who is to do the rearing of their children, that's really not a difficult question to answer. It's the women or some other man. This creates a problem because, as I stated on many occasions, a child needs a Father to instill confidence or, as I like to put it, increase their bucket or nozzle. Without that, you have toxic feminity or masculinity. This compounds the problem. I get it Adam was put here first. But, he needed a why, he needed a reason to feel his existence was deliberate, along came Eve. She needed to feel her existence was deliberate, along came the child. There's no such thing as independence. The only time you reference independence is when you're referring to something relating to money.

Back to the Tortoise and the Hare.

Women aren't getting stronger. They are the Tortoise when you become tired and weak here she comes as consistent as she can be right along to pass you. If the right Tortoise comes along maybe, she'll help you. These men claiming that women are weak and inferior to men are really getting on my nerves. You made your bed now lay in it.