Thinking everything should be 50/50 is killing your relationship! If you remember back to school or maybe you're still in school, but a 90-100% is an "A," 80-89 is a "B," 70-79% is a "C," 60-69 is a "D," and anything below a "D" is an "F." That means that if you received a 50% on anything, you got an "F." "F" stands for failure!

Your relationships are doing what!? Failing. I know you were taught because you're a man, you're supposed to do certain things. You were taught as a woman, and she's supposed to do certain things. That's completely false, and it's killing your relationship.

The break-down. Jordan didn't expect Scottie to bring 20% of his energy to the game each night. If he did, they wouldn't have won six rings. At this point, the answer should be obvious they won six rings because Jordan brought 100%, Pip brought 100%, and each member of the team brought 100% every night. If Pip only brought 20% of the energy that night Jordan played with the flu, we would not be talking about the Bulls and their six rings.

I want you to be successful in relationships, but to do that, you have to stop thinking you're splitting everything down the middle. You need 100%, and she needs 100% to get a 100%. If she brings 100% and you bring your 50% together, you're 75%, that's a "C," which is average at best!