Finding Myself in the YouTube Rabbit Hole: The Unexpected INFJ Discovery

A person enthusiastically watching Youtube videos

A Dive into the Confidence Abyss

So there I was, struggling with sharing my wisdom on confidence, my hands poised over the keyboard, my mind buzzing like a hive. Yet, the age-old question of credibility was my speed bump - was I genuinely in a position to preach about confidence?

My Youtube Odyssey

Pivoting from the mental gridlock, I decided to turn to our trusty digital sensei, Youtube. I was diving into the Youtube loop, my eyes feasting on clip after clip, my brain synthesizing data faster than a supercomputer. The algorithm sure knew its game.

A New Dawn, A New Suggestion

My screen was aglow with sneakers and fashion videos when I awoke, and a term kept popping up - "personality types". My neurons fired, and I recalled taking a personality test at work. The result had implied that I was a rare breed, a species almost on the brink of extinction.

Retesting the Waters

Driven by curiosity and a tinge of skepticism, I decided to retake the test. No overthinking. No analyzing. Just gut reactions. With a drumroll playing in my head, I clicked on the results - I was still an INFJ, COVID humor included.

The Rare Jewel: INFJ

INFJ, a collection of four innocuous letters representing one of the rarest personality types globally. It felt like someone finally got me, beyond the mask, beyond the societal expectations, beyond the family ties. I felt seen, not just by Myers Briggs, but also by my fellow Youtubers.

Basking in INFJ Glory

And why not? With adjectives like altruistic, passionate, principled, insightful, creative, perfectionistic, and an aversion to the ordinary defining us, being an INFJ was like wearing a badge of honor. I wasn't just excited; I was turbo-charged.

Over to You

Have you tumbled down the Youtube rabbit hole? How does it feel to uncover layers of your personality that were hitherto unknown? Go on, take the test, and let me know if your personality type fits you!

Key Points

  1. Navigating the Youtube maze can lead to unexpected discoveries about oneself.
  2. Retaking personality tests without overthinking can validate previous results.
  3. Realizing you're an INFJ can be an empowering experience.
  4. Sharing this journey might encourage others to discover more about their personality types.

Thriving or Surviving? Your Love Story in the Concrete Jungle of Relationships

A rose blooming through a crack in concrete

Let's Stir the Pot with Social Media

Picture this - a casual Instagram scroll. You tap into that handy search bar and type in #RelationshipGoals. Boom! The first thing to hit your retina? The who's who of relationship gurus.

So, you, my friend, do what any curious soul would do. You tap on the first account. And what's their most recent gem of wisdom? Drumroll, please... "Don't beg for love or friendship. If the effort isn't mutual, pack your bags and hit the road, Jack (or Jill)."

Now, doesn't that just blow your socks off with its profound insight? I'm not throwing shade at the account, but I mean, really? Isn't it about time we start offering cures instead of band-aids?

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not asking you to point fingers. It's more of a rhetorical musing. And we both know the answer: zip, zero, zilch.

A Rose By Any Other Struggle...

Okay, indulge me for a second. Suppose you see a rose sprouting right out of a solid concrete slab. Now, would you say that rose had to hustle more than a garden-grown rose?

Honestly, I wouldn't know. Last time I checked, I wasn't a rose. But it's easy to judge the rough 'n' tough environment and assume life's been hard for our concrete rose. I mean, it’s got to be a rough ride for a delicate bloom to break through solid concrete, right? Maybe. Maybe not.

This concrete rose, blooming against all odds, becomes the center of attention. Folks stepping over and around it to admire its resilient beauty. When night falls, it’s a sight to behold. Bathed in the soft glow of street lights reflecting off the concrete, it's a symbol of how rough beginnings can't dim true inner radiance.

But hang on, have we forgotten our garden rose? Amidst beetles, mites, caterpillars, and grasshoppers not to mention those predators who snack on them! Oh, and don’t forget the friendly neighborhood insecticide showers. Isn't this rose's journey equally tumultuous?

So, I pose the question again: who's had to work harder to grow?

Decoding Your #RelationshipGoals

This is why I'm a bit skeptical of these typical social media relationship nuggets. To really level up your love game, you've got to do some serious self-discovery. Why did you judge the situation in the first place? The moment you comprehend your own nature, only then can you start evaluating the efforts put into your relationship. It'll all boil down to what you need to flourish.

So, my friend, which rose are you? Are you breaking through concrete slabs or gracefully dancing around garden bugs?

Key Points

  1. Social media relationship advice often lacks depth and practical applicability.
  2. Judging effort in relationships is subjective and based on personal experience.
  3. Personal self-discovery is crucial to understanding and meeting your relationship needs.

Remember, my friend, love isn't about treatment, it's about cure. The journey starts with you! "If you can't see your success, change your vantage pointe."

From Dawn to Dusk: An Unforgettable Dance With Destiny

A mesmerized man gazing at his beautiful wife in bed

My Lipstick-Stained Awakening to Destiny

One dewy morning, as I gazed upon the ethereal face nestled beside me, I was swept by a revelation so profound, it was like skinny-dipping in a pool of pure insight. I was seeing life's jigsaw puzzle piece together in vibrant Technicolor. The universe whispered to me: We are the architects of our reality.

Seeds of Change and Giggles

Life unfolds much like a plant's journey from a seed to a full-bloomed wonder. An uncanny synchronicity exists among us humans, our animal counterparts, and those gorgeous little green things. We're all tethered, unable to flourish without the other. Nature, you see, is an ingenious balancing act, an artful ballet of coexistence.

Flashback to 1983, picture a tense room on Orange Street, Southeast D.C. My parents, in heated argument, forcing me into a choice that felt as dramatic as picking the winner of a puppy tug-of-war. Fun was my language back then, so naturally, I sided with my more fun-loving parent, dad. This choice, much like the germination of a plant, marked a seismic shift in my journey.

Rising from the Ashes, a Phoenix Tale

Fast forward a few years, my mother, having wrestled with the demons of addiction, emerged victorious. She was a Phoenix, rising from the ashes of her past and soaring towards a future of service, leveraging her battle scars to guide others out of the darkness. Her triumph was brief, though, as she was soon taken away from us, leaving a bitter-sweet taste of victory. But hey, life is a roller-coaster, isn't it?

School Days: My First Dose of Sunshine

Next stop, Concord Elementary, a wonderland where numbers and science became my playmates. Outpacing my classmates, winning multiplication contests, I was the cool fat kid. You know, the one who wears their chubbiness like a designer outfit, earning admiration, not ridicule. I was more than a tubby tyke; I was a blooming sunflower, basking in the first rays of the sun.

A Serendipitous Encounter

Cue 1997, when my college journey led me to Virginia Commonwealth University, and eventually, Norfolk State University. She, an East Tennessee native, landed at Old Dominion University. Our paths, seemingly random, intersected as if planned by the universe itself. After a barrage of romantic misadventures, I was convinced good women were extinct, yet I yearned for one.

Suddenly, my SOS to the universe was answered. There she was, enjoying her post-shift Martini at our local bar. I was there too, playing wingman, until cupid played its trick. An innocent deviation turned into the ultimate destiny, and boom - sparks flew! The universe, with its perfect timing, gifted me the queen of my dreams.

Key Points: The Sweet Symphony of Life

  • Life unfolds perfectly, like a well-orchestrated symphony.
  • We are the architects of our realities.
  • Life is a cycle of constant growth and change, much like the life of a plant.
  • We are all interconnected in this grand cosmic play.
  • Embrace your journey, the good, the bad, and the ugly - it's all leading to something beautiful.

From Sleepwalking to Dream-Chasing: How I Discovered My Secret to a Life of Abundance!

embrace the sunrise

"Breaking free from the chains of negativity and awakening to a life of abundance wasn't something I stumbled upon. No, it was a journey, a voyage into my inner self that brought me face-to-face with my own secret: the Power of I AM."

Key Points:

  1. The Journey to Self-Awareness
  2. Discovering the Power of 'I AM'
  3. The Change in Perspective
  4. The Affirmations of Abundance

The Journey to Self-Awareness

"I spent my days tangled up in thoughts about money, success, and helping others. These three, I believed, were the tickets to my freedom. But I kept hitting the wall, struggling, frustrated with the lack of progress. Not until I stumbled upon 'The Secret', did I realize the power that lay within me."

Discovering the Power of 'I AM'

"I started to change my mindset, focusing on happy thoughts like I was the Peter Pan of positivity. I reflected on my past struggles and realized they were mere cues that something needed to change. Then it hit me: the secret to my abundance was the 'I AM'. The power to create my reality, my wealth, my success, was in me all along!"

The Change in Perspective

"In the quiet whispers of my mind, I found answers. I realized the universe listens to my self-talk. I could make someone wake up early just by thinking about it! Then the revelation hit me: if I'm the one controlling these thoughts, if 'I AM' is the name of God and I AM, I must be able to control my reality."

The Affirmations of Abundance

"I wake up each day with vigor, knowing that my reality was shaped by my own thoughts. I laugh with God, feeling the difference between Heaven and earth. I'm rich in all aspects, joyously embracing the positive spin I've put on everything. I've become an overabundantly selfish giver, understanding that to give is to receive. We all can live abundantly - it all starts with believing 'I AM'."