You're Perfect! Discover Your Worth Through The Divine Value System

Adam and Eve in paradise

The Divine Value System: Understanding Your Worth

From the dawn of creation, the divine has marked a unique place for each of us in the value system. The Almighty, Man, Woman, and Child, each is intertwined with the other, illuminating their worth and value.

The Almighty's Identity Through Man

The divine recognises its omnipotence by creating man. Man, in turn, plays a vital role in the cycle of life, contributing to the creation of woman and, eventually, child. Strip away man, and the divine's power remains intact, but its manifestation would be lost. In essence, women and children wouldn't exist. This delicate balance has been skewed in recent times.

Unraveling the Origin: Adam, Eve, and the Forbidden Fruit

The divine breathed life into Adam, confirming its godly status. Then, crafting Eve from Adam's rib, it ignited a love that was truly divine. Adam and Eve, the first companions, loved without the knowledge of gender. They were simply best friends in paradise.

The Almighty, to maintain harmony, entrusted Adam with a single rule. Yet, to instill value in Eve, He gave her the ultimate choice - to eat or not to eat from the forbidden tree.

Eve's Journey to Self-Realization

Eve couldn't sow seeds or plow fields, nor should she have to. Her worth would be discovered in motherhood. This divine plan could only unfold if the Almighty remained silent, offering Eve the choice to acknowledge her divine origin.

Note: Throughout time, teachings have referred to the divine as HIM or a MAN. This is used here for consistency, acknowledging that the Almighty is all-encompassing.

The option to eat from the tree had to be there. Only by tasting the forbidden fruit together could Adam and Eve awaken to their true identities.

Embrace Your Perfection: A Modern Perspective

Fast-forward several centuries, and this divine truth remains as relevant as ever - You're perfect! 'Perfection' is the pinnacle of what one can be. If there's an exact copy of something, it's perfect. Let's use a pencil for instance.

The Uniqueness of YOU - The Ultimate Perfection

Remember, you're unique, one-of-a-kind. That alone makes you perfect. The illusion of imperfection arises only when you compare yourself to others. You might crave someone else's physique, features, or hair, but consider this - it takes at least five different people to measure up to your uniqueness.

Closing Note:

Now that you understand your divine origin and purpose, it's time to embrace your perfection. You're perfect, just as you are!

Key Points:

  • Understand the divine value system and the roles of God, Man, Woman, and Child
  • Explore the story of Adam and Eve and the choice that defined their identities
  • Learn about your unique worth and perfection