Don't Let Today's You Pick Your Forever Mate

An image of a man looking into a mirror, reflecting his future self.

Who's Picking Your 'Eleanor'?

Hey, you, yes, you! What if I told you that the secret to a blissful relationship could be lurking in your future, rather than your present? Picture this, your dream Eleanor (yup, that irresistible Ford Mustang from "Gone in 60 seconds") may not be the model you settle for today because of your current confidence level.

Imagine if your future self, the one you aspire to become, chose your partner. This confident, successful future self knows his value and chooses a mate who's truly compatible. Mind-blowing, right?

Don't Sell Yourself Short!

I knew this dude, let's call him Bob. Bob was good-looking, funny, and all around great guy. But Bob didn't see his value. He thought women only saw him as a friend. Fast forward a few years, and he's dating someone who probably felt the same way he did. Could be love... or maybe they both just ran out of options. Don't be like Bob.

The True Cost of Compromise

Remember that Eleanor? You wanted her, but you settled for the cheaper model because you didn't believe the real Eleanor would still be available. That's the confidence talking, and it's messing with your happiness. Now, what happens when you discover Eleanors are not that rare after all? You're stuck with Old Faithful, which doesn't quite cut it.

Rising to Your Value

Let's shift gears. You're in a relationship, and all's going well. Suddenly, your value shoots up. You've been promoted, lost weight, or came into a windfall. Congrats, Big Boss, you can now afford the real Eleanor! But wait, you're already with someone. You're loyal, so you resist the allure of the shiny new Eleanors.

But then, your dream Eleanor is offered to you for a test drive, no strings attached. Can you resist? If Old Faithful starts giving you trouble, chances are, you're going for that test drive.

The Costly Aftermath

So you cave in, test-drive that Eleanor and get lured in by the attention it brings. You can't afford both, so you let Old Faithful sit in the garage, while you splurge on Eleanor. But guess what? Someone else notices Old Faithful and sees the value you missed.

Back to Square One

Your shiny new Eleanor turns out to be a lemon. And while you're dealing with the fallout, Old Faithful has moved on, possibly upgraded by her new owner. If you're lucky enough to get Old Faithful back, she's not the same anymore.

Key Points:

  1. Your future self should choose your partner, not your current confidence level.
  2. Don't settle for less because of a perceived scarcity. True love isn't a limited edition Eleanor.
  3. Your value can change, but your commitment should remain.
  4. Moving on to a shiny new Eleanor might cost you your Old Faithful.

This humorous and slightly twisted journey is to help you understand the psychology of love and relationships. If you've ever wondered why people cheat, it might be because they didn't test enough Eleanors to recognize the value of Old Faithful. So, strap in, and let's find our true Eleanors together!