Imagine you're at the Zoo watching in aww. The Zookeeper walks slowly through the high grass of which the Lion, King of Beasts, dwells. He reaches in his bag to grab what appears to be a super-juicy uncooked steak, to which he hands off to the King of Beasts. He carefully walks away to live another day. The Zookeeper and the King of Beasts dwell together in harmony so long as the Zookeeper keeps the King of Beasts with a Queen of Beasts and plenty of delicious food to eat. The King and Queen of Beasts remain docile and jovial. 

What would happen should that Zookeeper begin to take for granted that he's dealing with a docile and jovial King and Queen of Beasts?

What would happen if the Zookeeper should elect, on any given day, not to appreciate the King and Queen of Beasts?

What would happen if the Zookeeper consciously decides not to feed the Royal Couple super-juicy uncooked steaks.

I'll tell you what happens. The King and Queen of Beasts will remember that they are Beasts and then attack as Beasts do.

When you're in a relationship, it's important to understand that your wife, husband, or your partner are Kings and Queens, human animals, and should be treated as such. Just because they have been docile and jovial doesn't mean they completely forgot who they are. It would be best if you never mistook kindness for weakness. It would help if you never mistook tamed, gentle, subdued Beasts for being soft and weak. Even Buck responded to the Call of the Wild.

Far too often, you may have gotten used to their demeanor. Have you ever forgotten that you were dealing with a King or Queen? What was the result?