Finding Myself in the YouTube Rabbit Hole: The Unexpected INFJ Discovery

A person enthusiastically watching Youtube videos

A Dive into the Confidence Abyss

So there I was, struggling with sharing my wisdom on confidence, my hands poised over the keyboard, my mind buzzing like a hive. Yet, the age-old question of credibility was my speed bump - was I genuinely in a position to preach about confidence?

My Youtube Odyssey

Pivoting from the mental gridlock, I decided to turn to our trusty digital sensei, Youtube. I was diving into the Youtube loop, my eyes feasting on clip after clip, my brain synthesizing data faster than a supercomputer. The algorithm sure knew its game.

A New Dawn, A New Suggestion

My screen was aglow with sneakers and fashion videos when I awoke, and a term kept popping up - "personality types". My neurons fired, and I recalled taking a personality test at work. The result had implied that I was a rare breed, a species almost on the brink of extinction.

Retesting the Waters

Driven by curiosity and a tinge of skepticism, I decided to retake the test. No overthinking. No analyzing. Just gut reactions. With a drumroll playing in my head, I clicked on the results - I was still an INFJ, COVID humor included.

The Rare Jewel: INFJ

INFJ, a collection of four innocuous letters representing one of the rarest personality types globally. It felt like someone finally got me, beyond the mask, beyond the societal expectations, beyond the family ties. I felt seen, not just by Myers Briggs, but also by my fellow Youtubers.

Basking in INFJ Glory

And why not? With adjectives like altruistic, passionate, principled, insightful, creative, perfectionistic, and an aversion to the ordinary defining us, being an INFJ was like wearing a badge of honor. I wasn't just excited; I was turbo-charged.

Over to You

Have you tumbled down the Youtube rabbit hole? How does it feel to uncover layers of your personality that were hitherto unknown? Go on, take the test, and let me know if your personality type fits you!

Key Points

  1. Navigating the Youtube maze can lead to unexpected discoveries about oneself.
  2. Retaking personality tests without overthinking can validate previous results.
  3. Realizing you're an INFJ can be an empowering experience.
  4. Sharing this journey might encourage others to discover more about their personality types.