Here I AM struggling with the whole idea of how to share my knowledge on the subject of confidence. I struggled with the idea of having to prove my credibility and such. So off to YouTube I go. I went to do some research into how other tubers (Yes, I AM a tuber now) present their knowledge. I watched a few channels then got caught in the YouTube loop and was watching video after video. Oh, that algorithm.

I went to sleep, woke to a whole new set of suggestions. It was sneakers and fashion it was all about personalities. I remembered having to take a personality test at work. I remembered that there was only a small portion of the world that was like me. I thought... did I game the system for it to match me with my ideal personality.

This led me to take the test again and my goal was to speed through it without giving the questions and answers much thought. I did and the test came back positive ( a little COVID humor) I have an INFJ personality type.

INFJ is one of the rarest personality types. Oh, btw I took the test here. And no this is sponsored. I actually paid more attention to what it was saying this time and I finally felt like someone knew me, I mean besides my family. Myers Briggs knew me, knew me, and apparently so did these Tubers. 

A few of the adjectives that describe INFJs are altruistic, passionate, principled, insightful, creative reluctant to open up, perfectionistic, and avoid the ordinary. Honestly, I'm boosted.

If you watch a few "Tubers" on the subject let me know what you think. Go take the test. I'm interested in hearing what your personality type fits you!