Brothers' Advice

I wanted to start a YouTube channel. Well to be honest I already had started the channel. I didn't feel like my content had me in it. It had my words but not my feelings and emotions. To combat this I called my brothers. I spent about 8 hrs total talking to them. I asked this question, how do I get me across on my YouTube screen.

I called my middle brother he was like I really don't care what you say, just say it in five minutes or less. I called my youngest brother and asked the same question. How do I get me, my personality, across on YouTube? He was like you need a hook, some good content but keep it brief. I called my oldest brother, he's slightly younger than me by a couple of months, and asked him the same question. He said you have to see who you're talking to and talk directly to them.

Apparently, I talk too much and never shut up.

Within my child-rearing, there's this law that says "you don't get credit for being able to fight unless you have gotten into a few fights". This warrior class mentality had me thinking like I was in the Farmers Hall of Fame. I know a thing or two because I've experienced a thing or two. But the question is how do I get that message across? My baby brother was like be you but be you in less than 10 minutes. Talking to my middle brother I said to him I can tell the stories of my experience.

Do you know what he said? Stop snitching.

He was like you're going to be giving away the game and that ain't cool. Then he sorta recanted and said tell the stories that actually help people. Give them the story first and then break it down. I told him that I was going to do that a couple of days ago (more on why that happened later) and here we are. My oldest brother was like look, tell your stories however you're going to tell them.

I said when I come into a room it's easy to talk to people because I can feel their energy. I have learned exactly where it's coming from and what I need to say to that person to bring their vibration up, so we all can have some fun. He well, talk to em'.

I was like through the camera?

He was like how else do you talk to people on YouTube? I was like true, true. He said listen I don't know if he really said this but this is what I heard. He said you have emotional intelligence coupled with confidence and the world needs that or at least the person that's listening to you needs that. I was like I've always felt it my job to protect my friends and family with tenacity and he was like then do that.

I was like bet. So here I come ya'll.