Every time I explain this to a client they believe I'm about to give them a spiel about how they are fuching wrong, or that I'm going to teach them how to get laid. No, No, No, and oh I forgot No!

Making love isn't about sex, it's about energy. Sexual energy is for quick bursts like an Audi R8 going from 0 to 100 in 3.5 seconds. That may be the result but that's not the end, at least I hope not. I'll say it again incase you haven't read my numerous posts in which I mention energy; women have buckets and men have nozzles. Women make men feel and as a result men fill buckets. When men feel love on an ongoing basis he is said to be in the momentum of love; in love for short. When women consistently get thier buckets filled with love she is said to be in the momentum of love; in love for short. I hope you see where this is going.

Look at it this way... You have two people dating and everyday she makes him feel loved. He then fills her bucket with love. He may send her thoughtful text messages, give her gifts, and more importantly he will give her time. Men always want to be where they are loved the most. She will continue to make you feel loved and you will continue to fill her bucket with love. If this continues then love energy is going to be maximized. Once love is maximized sexual energy can then be released, and it will have been released in proper order. This generally results in a continued relationship.

How to make love when either her bucket is being filled with negative energy, or he feels negative?

When this happen opposites attract. I told you that opposite's attract was a true lie meaning that it's not necessarily a good thing. When one is up and one is down then one actually becomes less up and one becomes less down. With this in mind you have to find a happy medium. Let's say as soon as you hit the door or call her on the phone you get bombarded with negativity (regular). You have to immediately counteract that energy with love (premium). The same is true if he calls saying that he had a few bad moments at work you must immediately counteract that energy by making him feel loved. In effect he or she will become less negative going in the direction of love (premium). Whoever starts spewing the negativity first wins and the other person has to eat their negativity in order to counteract the negative energy with love. You will find that when you put your negativity to the side for love your bucket will get filled with love-making you forget about your negativity, the same is true for him.

If you keep this in mind you will always be in the momentum of love. If you're not in a relationship keep him or her in the momentum of love a see how quickly that turns into a relationship...

If you need assistance with any relationship, I will help; leave a comment, email me, or simply just stay tuned.

As always remember be fuching selfish and through witnessing your happiness others can view themselves the same.


What are the chains of love? This will explain my Attachment theory. I believe that everyone attached emotions to something. For example, think of your favorite song. Then ask yourself why is it your favorite song. Think of your favorite movie, year, anything, and ask yourself why is it my favorite. This provides you some comfort when you're uncomfortable.

I will explain this technique to you so that you are aware of it. Two things can happen either you already have something that is your favorite and I attach myself to that, or I will give you something to attach me to. I only have to find a moment. That moment will last a lifetime unless you replace it with another moment. I call this the emotional trigger and changing vests.

What I would do is this... before we get to that, think of this as the movie Inception. I realize there are several levels to your subconscious. In fact, starting in middle school I would actually tell women that I spoke to their subconscious and not their conscious mind. Therefore the things that I am saying to you during the day will wake you up with deep emotions for me. Hence my level of SWAG. Most guys care about that night I care about forever because that is my intention. But if we mix sexual energy before love energy then you're stuck with the virus... the idea. The idea that we could be together forever, that I AM just as emotionally attached as you are. When you find that I AM not, that would send you spiraling out of control. The problem is that I AM not the only one doing this and I only realized I did this because I now think about what I think about and what I thought about.

Think about yourself in a beauty pageant. It's the evening wear portion. You have your long flowing dress on. You're coming out to a slow jam, let's say Brian McKnight's Back at One. I pay attention because I know there is a reason you chose that song. It could have been your fathers' favorite song to play as you watched him and your mom dance in love.

I think your gorgeous and I make it a point to meet you after it's over. We chat for a bit, then exchange information. You're on an emotional high because although you may or may not have won the pageant you're elated at how beautiful you are and everyone is telling you that. You're so beautiful that most guys believe you're unattainable. That makes my hi all the more special. When I get you to my house about five songs in I decided to play roulette with the music and put on a couple of different jams mostly like medium-paced pop. But as we are getting to know each other better I change the song to guess what, Brian McKnight's Back at One. At this point, I come out of left-field with my questions forcing you to come back to the conversation but my intonation matches the rhythm of the song. We laugh and laugh, smile and flirt all the while this appears to be innocent. At this point I ask, are you thirsty? I get up to get you water or a drink, it's up to you. What I'm doing is letting the song play. We laughed I took you out of the past and brought you to the present and then left you there to go back to the past.

Since you went to the past and I brought you back to the present with laughter, you will actually take the smiles back with you to the past.

neoNow it's not your parents that you see, it's you and I. The song is over and the next song is something overly sexual and blatant like R. Kelly's It Seems Like You're Ready. I tell you how this is a classic. Now you're really tuned into the words of the song. Again my intonation... During this song, I ask, why you chose that song? You begin telling me and I interrupt you by getting closer to your face. We quickly escalate and now... my big feelings are going into your deep emotions. This makes your heart pump giving you an almost primal instinct for love like when Neo saved Trinity. Depending on when this
happens will make all the difference in terms of our future. Either way, emotionally, I have been in your life since the moment that song was stamped on your lifeline... Now I'm chained to your emotions and you have to start back at one.

If you need assistance with any relationship, I will help; leave a comment, email me, or simply just stay tuned.

As always remember to be fuching selfish and through witnessing your happiness others can view themselves the same.


I told you guys years ago that men and women can't be friends, at least not until after you're married. You want to know what happens... why you ended up in the friend zone... it's because of you. Yep, I said YOU are the fuching problem. I need you to become so negative at the idea of being someone's "friend" that you never decide to put yourself there again. Several things are going on, and they all point at YOU.

Let's revisit this post. Oh, this post was good too. The first thing you need to realize is that the two of you didn't just walk up to each other and say, "I want to be your friend." There was something that attracted the two of you to each other. You can make the argument that school or work is what attracted the two of you together. That is the lowest self-esteem way of thinking, and you need to get rid of it right now. RE-Lease the contract you have with that idea right now. You two may have been in the same place as a class or work, but you're hanging out after class or work, which rules that out genius.

Now that you have realized that the two of you are attracted to each other, we have to address your confidence. You had the confidence to engage in the after-hour activity. No, that doesn't mean sex, but after class or after work, keep up. My mantra for 2015 is this "You faked it until you made it, now what?" You faked having SWAG, now what? Unless you really have SWAG and don't believe it. Okay, if you needed someone to confirm whether you have it or not, I will. YOU do! You just now have to act on it. That brings us to the meat and potatoes of what is really going on.

You have to understand energy, its uses, and how it works. If you are a male and are trying to win the heart of that lucky female, who at present thinks she's just your friend. She's not your friend, bro. She's the object of your affection. So what are you doing wrong? You are leaving her hanging. Imagine your car and its gas tank. Your car is her. You fill her up with premium (love energy). You take her to do all things that most would say is romantic. It can't be romantic unless there's romance genius. So you fill her gas tank up with love. Love can't give her a full tank, though. For her to be full, you have to give her super high-octane or sexual energy. If she doesn't get this from you, you make it easy for any bum off the street to get your girl because she will attribute all that love energy to him when he gives her the sexual energy. All your hard work is taken away by me! The more confident gentleman. When I come along, you have done all the work for me. I need to give her some sexual energy, and you're now officially on the back burner, and I now get to decide your fate. But you're more confident than you realize. Oh, this is a classic "I don't want to ruin the friendship. Something is better than nothing, right?" Hell no! Something is only better than nothing when only something is what you want. Suppose you want more than you have to get more. Here's a tip. Stop being fuching timid and tell her how you feel. Timidity is something you only experience when there's a lack of confidence. Take her saying that she wants to be friends one of two ways: 1. Either she's just as scared as you are and is letting you off the hook by saying she wants to be "friends." 2. You're not man enough at the moment. You have to create the impulse buy. It's like the commercial that says I have this great deal for you, but it only lasts today, so don't miss out. Suppose she mentions friends again; you never speak to her again. She's going to wonder what happened, and you tell her that you wanted more, no further explanation, walk away. That level of confidence will give her a sexual charge boom; she better makes a decision and soon. Now that you have all this confidence in yourself, girls like her will be magnetized to you and come from all directions.

If you're a girl, you just have to have confidence in yourself. Float with this air of confidence and wait for him to come to you. You could release the tension a little bit by putting him in situations that force him to make a decision. Like when you're face-to-face for whatever reason, and you grab him and wait for him to kiss you. If he doesn't then, he doesn't have the confidence to be with you, and he will never be able to fill your bucket, so on to the next. Women have it so easy in this game. All you have to do is have confidence. We'll do the rest. If we aren't doing the rest, then you need to think about what you're attracting. You discover what you're attracting by thinking about the things you think about. Get you a list of all the things you want in a man. I don't care what you put on the paper; he better have it. If you can't check off every item, you know what's going to happen. You will let your confidence choose your mate, and then you will attract the one you really wanted...

The moral of the story is that you have to be confident. There is no such thing as opposite-sex besties. One of you is not keeping it real. I'm here for you. Leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts. Oh, if you want a shortcut to learning about buckets and nozzles checkout this, that, and the other thing. If you suppress how you feel when it explodes, it's going to be the wrong time, expressing the wrong ideas, and will not be perceived the way you want.

If you need help with relationships, I will help leave a comment, keep reading, and stay tuned.

As always, remember to be fuching selfish, and through witnessing your happiness, others can view themselves the same.