The Master and Slave are about a mentality. The quote is as follows "A slave that does not appreciate the fruit of their labor is doomed to remain a slave. A master that does not appreciate the fruit of the slave is doomed to become a slave." -Swagger Coach. This may be a bit confusing, I explain in depth here.

Ok it sounds relevant but what does it mean?

The idea is whatever you desire becomes Master to you and thus you become a Slave to it. The slave has to appreciate the fruit of their labor in order to remove themselves from being a slave. If I enjoy tending the garden then you punishing me by forcing me to tend the garden is no big deal, therefore you will have to find some other way to punish me.

I mention an appreciative and unappreciative Master. The Master that is unappreciative sees the slave as a machine, something that is unlike them. The unappreciative Master then drives and drives, pushes and pushes the slave to death, if they leave the company to the Master it is still like death. Upon the Slaves' death, the Master has to tend the garden but he doesn't know how; so his garden is dying and to keep it alive they must tend to it themselves, essentially making them a Slave. The Master only recognizes the things the Slave did to keep the garden beautiful once they have to do it themselves; upon the exit of the Slave.

What about the Slave, he can't become a Master, right?

I also mention a Slave must appreciate the fruit of their labor or they are doomed to remain a Slave. If the slave is only focused on the activity to which they are charged they never see the fruit, only the profit they make the Master. If they never see the fruit they will keep tending to the garden more focused and angry on the activity of making the garden beautiful but never appreciating the garden. In this case both the unappreciative Master and appreciative Master are the same because you will remain the Slave.

The unappreciative Master can't stand the thought of you being human and thus treats you like a machine. The appreciative Master doesn't understand why you can't see the beauty that is the garden so he is disgusted by you. He thinks what type of person can't see this beauty and thus keeps you a Slave hoping that one day you will see. Either way, you still create profits for the Master. Just as much as you hate them, they hate you. It's only when the machine dies or can no longer tend to the garden that they both will see the beauty. This removes the Master and Slave insignia and they both together become something else.

Of course, you know I have real-life applications of any theory that I present.

The Master and the Slave is in every aspect of our lives. Most case its blatant because of titles that indicate to everyone who is the Master and who is the Slave. However, there are other places this mental warfare shows up... Since I AM your Swagger Coach, the most important to me are your everyday relationships.

Master and Slave | Friends

When you have two people the Master and the Slave relationship comes when someone needs the other. I don't have a car so I need someone to drive me around. He gets all the girls so I want him to be around. She lets me where all her fancy clothes so I need to keep her around. She does my hair for free so I need to keep her around. All the guys flock to her so I need to be around her. These are just a few quick examples.

The cliche' when you both get money, you will know if they were your real friend is what happens when you are no longer a Slave and they are no longer a Master. If they were unappreciative Masters then you will not have anything but separation. Alternatively, the Slave is no longer a Slave and the Master is no longer a Master and the two of you become true friends. Friendship can come about because you already respect and understand each other. I hope it is clear that the Master and the Slave battle is mental who's foundation is rooted in the appreciation.

Master and Slave | Relationships

Boys are taught to be Masters', I mean after all boys grow up to be men who are supposed to be protectors and providers. Domination is necessary. I told you that boys want to spend their time where they have the most fun, which so happens to be where they are most appreciated. That is until they meet a girl who appreciates them just as much as his friends does. If the man isn't the head of the house, he will find a house to be the head of. What do you think I was referring too. The head of the household is the Master of that household, hence the reason you call him Mister. Mister was Master until the emotional trigger made it no longer politically correct. Master and Mistress were married. Now the mistress is unmarried and has a negative connotation, but I digress.

Wait what?

He wants to be in the relationship and this is indicated by the commodity that he is willing to give to be in your space, his time. But being Master he doesn't understand that you can't see the fruit of your labor. You don't see the beauty in the garden and therefore he doesn't see you as his equal only his machine. So the unappreciative or appreciative Master then drives and drives, pushes and pushes the slave to death, if they leave the company to the Master it is still like death. As long as you don't see the beauty that you produce you are doomed to be a Slave. He will then engage in a new Master-Slave relationship.

You are doomed to be a Slave so no man is going to marry you! 

When you appreciate the beauty that is you, he will give up the ideology of being Master; you will give up the ideology of being a Slave; something new will come about and that is marriage. Since we are in a world fixated on titles I'll call you'll husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride.

Let's say that you are a "Dependant Women" but you want to control as though you were a Master. If I want you to appreciate me, I am a former Slave because I appreciate the beauty of my garden; you will soon find yourself as the "unappreciative Master" who is doomed to be a Slave. Then you will only realize the beauty of the garden once the machine is dead. Husbands fall victim to this role reversal often. Then the Master will try to gain some sort of profit from the garden, missing the entire point and is still doomed to be a Slave. If all he is concerned about are the things he is doing and doesn't appreciate the garden he will remain a Slave to you.

Please understand that the Master-Slave relationship is a mental one and is evident in every aspect of our everyday life. The idea is that you'll appreciate one another because you can't see from their vantage point. If you only focus on the ripple of the water you will miss the beauty of the ocean. We have grown into this "what have you done for me lately" society. Operating this way we fail to see the big picture. Since we don't know how the actions of yesterday let to today then we must appreciate all of them.