You can't take her home to meet your mom, but you can let her ruin your life, why?

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You live this super freakish lifestyle, why? Because that's what you're in to.

Then you turn around and find a girl who is the exact opposite of what you like, why? Because that's what they're expecting.

Your parents' and society expects you to be with a certain type of girl based on your status, why?

You conform, why?

You are so afraid to be selfish, why?

Confidence that why?

You chose your mate based on your confidence, that's why.

You are so afraid. She has to have been a super freak like this for someone else, right. But why?

If she wasn't then you wouldn't like her in the first place.

You would not have chosen to ruin your life by cheating with her if that's not what you like, genius.

You choose to suppress how you really feel or what you really want for what you think someone else wants you to have.

What does that have to do with your happiness?

You act as though you have no say-so with your own life. It's time to take back your existence or die like a punk.

If you like girls who like girls, then go get you a girl who likes girls. That's what makes you happy.

Bring them all home to mom and tell her this is your family. She has to make a decision, you already made yours.

How do you think she's going to feel when you bring home her new BFF and then you cheat on her, get someone else pregnant, or worse, get a disease.

Her new BFF will be anyone you bring home, if not she made her choice. Decision making is the trait of a real man, not indecisiveness.

Stop going after what you think others want you to have and go after what you want to have. If you need assistance with relationships, I will help; leave a comment, keep reading, or simply just stay tuned.