Who is Swagger Coxch

It goes back to my early childhood.

My mother and father never got married and as far as I know never lived together.

My mother and father had two rules: help everyone and remain loyal. I guess as the cliche’ goes do as I say and not as I do. There were several events were they practiced what they preached and those events had a major impact on my life. 

My father would never allow me to have a lack of confidence. I had to practice until I gained the confidence. Sports translated to life.  This was very important because I grew up, and to this moment still, overweight. This never stopped me from wanting to attract the pretty girl. Since I didn’t have the look I had to go the other route, talk. 

Learning to talk and practicing to gain the confidence, I learned a lot along the way.


Finding someone to love you is difficult. Especially now. There’s a ton of dating websites competing for your attention; there’s a ton of hours at work “preventing” you from going out and on top of that you don’t know where to go. You have to deal with game and games making finding love nearly impossible. There’s a ton of memes that subconsciously promote you to hate.

I understand the macro (big picture) of how my experiences apply to you. I have had so many experiences that I now know how to tweek what I learned to help you repeat my results.

What are my results? Ten plus years of marriage and two boys.

With over a hundred blog posts I’m sure you will find something that deals with your situation. In 2019 you will see me explain the ideas of these posts.

If you need one x one attention or have specific questions you can contact me directly via email at angelo@swaggercoxch.com or DM @swaggercoxch on IG.