Every time I explain this to a client they believe I'm about to give them a spiel about how they are fuching wrong, or that I'm going to teach them how to get laid. No, No, No, and oh I forgot No!

Making love isn't about sex, it's about energy. Sexual energy is for quick bursts like an Audi R8 going from 0 to 100 in 3.5 seconds. That may be the result but that's not the end, at least I hope not. I'll say it again incase you haven't read my numerous posts in which I mention energy; women have buckets and men have nozzles. Women make men feel and as a result men fill buckets. When men feel love on an ongoing basis he is said to be in the momentum of love; in love for short. When women consistently get thier buckets filled with love she is said to be in the momentum of love; in love for short. I hope you see where this is going.

Look at it this way... You have two people dating and everyday she makes him feel loved. He then fills her bucket with love. He may send her thoughtful text messages, give her gifts, and more importantly he will give her time. Men always want to be where they are loved the most. She will continue to make you feel loved and you will continue to fill her bucket with love. If this continues then love energy is going to be maximized. Once love is maximized sexual energy can then be released, and it will have been released in proper order. This generally results in a continued relationship.

How to make love when either her bucket is being filled with negative energy, or he feels negative?

When this happen opposites attract. I told you that opposite's attract was a true lie meaning that it's not necessarily a good thing. When one is up and one is down then one actually becomes less up and one becomes less down. With this in mind you have to find a happy medium. Let's say as soon as you hit the door or call her on the phone you get bombarded with negativity (regular). You have to immediately counteract that energy with love (premium). The same is true if he calls saying that he had a few bad moments at work you must immediately counteract that energy by making him feel loved. In effect he or she will become less negative going in the direction of love (premium). Whoever starts spewing the negativity first wins and the other person has to eat their negativity in order to counteract the negative energy with love. You will find that when you put your negativity to the side for love your bucket will get filled with love-making you forget about your negativity, the same is true for him.

If you keep this in mind you will always be in the momentum of love. If you're not in a relationship keep him or her in the momentum of love a see how quickly that turns into a relationship...

If you need assistance with any relationship, I will help; leave a comment, email me, or simply just stay tuned.

As always remember be fuching selfish and through witnessing your happiness others can view themselves the same.