Are you fiscally responsible with love?

It does not matter what business you enter they all should start similarly.

"The only way to learn to swim is to get into the water".

When you jump into the game you have to keep in mind that everything escalates or grows. 

In business, you should invest very little in the beginning. This approach will allow you to be in the game without much loss to you, should you have to disembark from that business. Then once you're in the game you learn the game. Learning while participating is called real education. The more you understand the game the more you can invest providing that you can reasonably guarantee a return on your investment (ROI). Now that you understand the game, receiving a decent ROI you can invest more into the business.How does this relate to love?

Where do you begin?

Initially, you should be investing more mental cash than physical cash. At the beginning of any relationship, you should be spending more time than money.

When you invest too much at the beginning when the relationship begins to escalate or grow you will not be able to keep up with the pace.

If you can't keep up with the pace the relationship will end.

If your first date is to Ruth Chris (a high-end restaurant) for a steak, Applebees won't cut it. If you take her Applebees that would mean that you already don't treat her like you used too.

If you give him sex very early in the relationship because you wanted to keep him and you're not that sexually insatiable, you already don't treat him like you used to.

In business and in relationships you have to pace yourself.

You want to know why athletes, movie stars, billionaire tycoons can't keep one wife, it's because they invested too much physical cash in the beginning.

These men have expanded the buckets of these women and they can't keep it filled.

Expanding her bucket with premium energy, love, allows for a healthy escalation.

Some women go from one star to the next, not because they're gold diggers.