One more day until the weekend, what comes second to this? Show and tell. First Graders’ bring in stuffed animals who may be missing an eye. It might be a blanket that hasn't been washed in weeks. Buzz Lightyear no longer lights up, probably missing his laser or even a wing. How can he combat Zorg with no laser or a wing to help him fall in style?

As onlookers of this presentation of love, you sit in awe. It almost brings you to tears when you witness this blatant show of affection toward their toys. They each one by one came in front of the class to tell you stories about their favorite toys. You enjoy hearing the genesis of love, real amor. You can see the way they smile, hold and care for their fantastic little baubles that to them is priceless and means the world.

If the person you’re dating doesn’t treat you like that then stop and leave them alone. You both should be each other’s favorite. Treat every day like it's show and tell Friday. These toys have been in their life for years. Missing pieces, paint, they may not work like they used to but they still love and can’t wait to put this love on display. You are only being told you’re loved. Settling for being brought out of the toy box only at night and not carried around all day. Jumping out of the metaphor you have a hard choice to make; settle for being told I love you or find someone who truly loves you. Stop answering the phone at 1 in the morning unless y’all just left each other.

Usher told you what you were experiencing with each lyric of his chart topping hit “You Got It Bad”. It only counts if both of you “got it bad”. If you want to know how to find someone who got it just as bad as you, contact me or leave a comment below.