Imagine you're at the Zoo watching in aww. The Zookeeper walks slowly through the high grass of which the Lion,
Do you want to know what I learned while washing dishes? First of all, men do wash dishes and lots
Advantage [Big Fella]. Sorry, I thought of this post while watching the Australian Open. Here's the deal when it comes
Men are weak, and women are strong in 2020, really!? I actually agree. The real question is, why? Men are
Thinking everything should be 50/50 is killing your relationship! If you remember back to school or maybe you're still in
Here I AM struggling with the whole idea of how to share my knowledge on the subject of confidence. I
Brothers' Advice I wanted to start a YouTube channel. Well to be honest I already had started the channel. I
Appreciation hmmm. Should you be appreciated? Should you feel appreciated? Do you even understand appreciation? Relationships, just like everything else,
I saw an Instagram post either yesterday or today, I'm not sure, but it has been on my mind. It
Dinner smash? What do I mean? Dinner's meaning is obvious. Smash is slang for sharing emotions, intercourse, sex, and insert
I want to be a Gazelle, is that ok? Currently, I'm a Lion but I want to be a Gazelle.
Let's talk about Social Media for a second. I open up Instagram. I type in "Relationships". The first thing I
You’re beautiful. You have the job, the body, and personality. When you walk into any room instantly you become one
How did they do it? What binds them all together? There has to be something that you could use to
When you read Genesis in the Bible God is talking to someone. Who? Himself or someone else? Could it Be?
I’m sitting in my office when it suddenly hit me. Was I taught to take advantage of people if they
You may not even understand transmutation let alone the transmutation of sex. There you are sitting on the couch contemplating
You completely missed this concept while watching Think Like A Man. When two people meet, in whatever capacity, the "Bar
Spoiler Alert: Ghosting has more to do with the entrance rather than the exit! We have all watched several seasons
You meet a guy and you think the world of him. He's around when you're up and when you're down.
I bet you didn't know Lions did this. What? Tell us already. I went to see the 1994 movie titled The
What did Cinderella found out that most of y'all never will? We live in a world of uber careful introverts,
If you can't beat em', join em' is such a simple cliche that says a lot. Men think in terms
Whether you realized it or not you have seen Subconscious Paranoia. Have you ever been walking down the street there
If we believe, and I do, that it takes 10K hours of focused energy to be successful at any one
Beauty, is it in the eyes of the beholder or the mirror? You wake up and the first thing you
You have love backward (fishcat | catfish). While watching Catfish the MTV series I realized one thing. The world is too superficial.
Are you fiscally responsible with love? It does not matter what business you enter they all should start similarly. "The
Negotiating love is easy once you first understand how to negotiate. In any negotiation, you have two or more parties
The secret of Willpower is that Willpower is working against yourself or at least your conscious self. Here is the
While watching TWD I realized something... The Zombies are a metaphor for our daily lives. Here is a synopsis of
I can't see it coming down my eyes, so I got to make the song cry. That's the hook from
There is only one thing worse than an excuse, justifying. An excuse is an internal thing like I was tired
The Master and Slave are about a mentality. The quote is as follows "A slave that does not appreciate the
Every time I explain this to a client they believe I'm about to give them a spiel about how they
What are the chains of love? This will explain my Attachment theory. I believe that everyone attached emotions to something.
Bad Bitch has since been added as a class of women a Sorority so-to-speak. If they were married they would
You can't take her home to meet your mom, but you can let her ruin your life, why? To listen
The mantra this year has been "you faked it until you made it, now what?" Let's give that idea some
Looks like a duck, talks like a duck, walks like a duck, so it must be a duck. This simple
I told you guys years ago that men and women can't be friends, at least not until after you're married.
Sometimes you have to hit the reset button. I'm going to discuss why we fight and how to end it
Can you tell if a person has cheated up or down? We can't tell because we can't see from their
What is love? What is addiction? Love is never getting enough of what you do want, some say. Addiction is
Not Really. It's not the size of the gift, it's the feeling that it generates. If you get this feeling
Men get caught cheating the same way women do. The root cause of cheating is energy! In order for the
To watch or not to watch porn, that is the question. Could porn be the reason for guys aren't able
Options are they the gift or the curse? Since my last post, I have been doing some thinking. Within these
Google gives the definition of selfishness as (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with
The Convenience Fee is real, and it’s being charged all the time. The problem with the Convenience Fee is figuring
The art of selling dreams is not a new concept, I'm just explaining it. How do I get such a
You can't playa hate McLuvin is from the movie Superbad. Fogell gets a fake Id with that name. What's interesting
Stop letting your confidence choose your mate. That should be rephrased to say don't let your current confidence choose your
Let me put on my chauvinistic hat for a moment. Back in the not-so-distant past women didn’t work they stayed
Relationships are dollar value deals. Relationship struggles are value-based. Everything is based on selling and buying. Think closely, the next
For God to know his worth or value there must be MAN. In order for man to know his worth
You are a rib from my Prime body but you claim to be independent. You claim you can’t find a
Today I decided that I'm a full 100% believer in Faith. I have always told others that no matter what
One more day until the weekend, what comes second to this? Show and tell. First Graders’ bring in stuffed animals
Why are there no good men? Women and Swag First of all note, the swag is not gender-specific. Women, you
Swag by my definition is a mathematical quantification of one’s demeanor, personality, and overall attractiveness as perceived by others. This