You are a rib from my Prime body but you claim to be independent. You claim you can’t find a good man but you’re always at the CLUB---HOUSE. See men and women are one; Broken apart so we know the other exists. There could not be MAN without WOMAN. Therefore, independence is possibly im---poss---ible.

Let’s begin with where your duality was created. I am your nightmare and your dream; it’s all in how you view yourself or me as a reflection of you.

First you hate me, then you love me, then you hate me again but that’s just the cycle of YOU. I said Hi; you smiled and fixed your hair back. Here comes the dream. I noticed that you pulled back your hair, that’s a move your subconscious told you to make. So, I begin changing my tune to match that so rhythmically and smooth noise in the background. Oh no, you’re engaged but not engaged like you have a ring on your finger, but engaged like your holding on to my every word but wait, we’re in the CLUB---HOUSE, think. How can I say this, it doesn’t matter, you can’t really hear me. So actuality and reality are beginning to create your duality.

Your dream is becoming your nightmare; I’m telling you this but you can’t hear me, again we’re at the CLUB---HOUSE.

So you hear me whispering sweet lullabies but actually, we’re discussing my options for taking you home and that sounds like commitment. Your move! Oh, a giggle that’s cute because now you think I’M engaged; not engaged like totally into the conversation; engaged as you gave me a ring and I said YES! Not like the yes as in we’re getting married, but the yes like SCORE! Now somehow we’ve left the CLUB---HOUSE.

I’m still talking at a tone that matches the noise in the background, only that noise is in the foreground. We’re moaning and groaning which you interpret to be love, I interpret it to be lust, but either way, it feels good, so let’s not stop here. We keep going like closed caption at the bottom of the screen displays ♬♬♬♬, moan, groan, ♬♬♬♬. Then ahhh we both have emancipated proclamation; but I’m the only one that’s free to move like the Sandman, going from dream to dream. I told you that you were in a nightmare but you saw dreams.

I thought how could that be?

So tomorrow’s today is you are back at the CLUB---HOUSE. The next person you meet actually whispers sweet lullabies but you see a nightmare and he recognizes that by how standoffish you are, so now it’s on. You have just engaged him, but not like the engaged like about to be in a marriage or into the conversation, but just like a battle and you are showing him that you’ve been hurt and don’t trust but all he hears is CHALLENGE’! This ultimately has him counter punching like Mayweather and you’re seeing a nightmare so outlandish that it must be a dream. Uh-oh your guard is down and down goes Frasier. Just when that nightmare turned into a dream it quickly turned back to a nightmare and you’re back at the Club---House.

Not realizing that the man you want is you! So if you don’t recognize the person in front of you or don’t speak the same language he’s not you! You are perfect in every way. I am Prime therefore you must be also. The only difference is for you to truly get a piece of me it’s going to cost you and I should have a price to pay as well, but to this point, you have been giving everything to me for FREE. It’s your value you don’t see or understand. Once you do then you will get what you want for what you are selling. Your nightmares will become dreams; your actuality will become your reality, thus removing your duality! The value system is the simplest and most complex ideology.

We going deep stay tuned folks. By now you may be completely confused check out my podcast for a deeper explanation.